Hard knockdown frame atvantage? Trying to create custome okizeme setups



Cammy player made this, Has the knockdown frame data after grabs and ultra, if I could get this for Abel that would be great. The frame atvantage on FS, TT, CoD endings high and low, sweep kick, super and ultra one and two, pretty much any knockdown.

Is there also frame data on jumps, like back and forward jump. From lift off to landing, how many frames is he in the air.

I’m trying to get creative and make some okizeme setups that are unique, I can’t find the frame data I’m looking for.

Sorry for being a noob. Please and thank you.




Sorry but that’s not what I was looking for. On the eventhubs frame data knockdowns are represented with a D and do not have the frame atvantage ( the amount of frames your opponent is on the ground)

The link that I posted has the amount of frames the opponent is on the ground after cammy scores a knockdown, this is what I’m looking for but with Abel’s moves.


ah i want to know too lol


i cant find where the wake up frames for each char is anymore, if u can find that i can try to help u find the frame adv on each setup


HFX/Abelity did an okizeme variation doc here but the link is not working. I printed it out but don’t have the softcopy. Best pm him for one.

This is a very useful safe jump video from HFX.



i still have all of the stuff on google docs, including the latest wakeup frames but its not as simple as that because the timing will still vary depending on the moves used to get the knockdown

ill post the link once i got home from work

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some links that might be useful…

1. char wake up frames

2. okizeme variation

im also workin on uploadin something i took from the godsgarden stream where nekojita gave some lessons on how to play abel and some matchups advice, there might be other channels already uploaded the video (its fairly recent though) but im still going to upload it plus the translation/breakdown of what he’s saying.

thats the least i can do


thanks man what i needed


Looking forward to it!


cant seem to get the video to upload right… part 1 is about 50mins long, but only 2mins are uploaded… maybe i can split that into two parts…


Let us know when you’ve got the video uploaded!


I hope nobody considers this off topic, but through messing around with Abel’s meaty overhead attack I’ve discovered that you can combo st MP right after it. Sadly that move is only super cancelable. Imagine if you could special cancel that move though. Wow Abel would be even more explosive on wakeup, with a high/low mixup game like Dudley (my main)


unfortunately thats old news

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Well, either way it marvels me that the fact that one tiny difference like that could really open up plenty of opportunities for his oki game.
and the other sad part is, step kick and crouching medium punch are just about one frame too slow to combo off a meaty overhead.


maybe can request buff for the next update lol

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that could make abel perhaps a little bit OP though.
a vicious high low oki, command grab oki, as well as roll crossup oki. That just sounds too incredible lol.


Any luck on getting the video up?


been busy with work but i should be free from today

does anyone knows any simple mp4/avi splitter/converter that works? not just some random software that will also install a bunch of crap to my computer

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nvm i think i fixed the problem! im splittin the vid into multiple parts for easier uploading

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