HARD set tiers

What are some games where tiers are so hard set that if you dont pick certain characters you are gone, you have no chance.

The king of this is marvel, thats obvious. But are their any other games where the tiers are that hard set? Interested in knowing because marvel is the only one that comes to mind for me.

Just second hand info, but I heard Last Blade 2 was like that, since Zantestu was so much better than the rest of the characters.

SVC : Geese and Zero

Shaq Fu, Shaq.

Karai in TMNT: Tournament Fighters. Unless you’re a pussy and ban boss characters.

tekken 4 jin

Puzzle Fighter.

Akuma in ST.
Duo Luon in KOF.
Jin in Tekken 4.
CBS-A-Sakura/Bison in CVS2.
Storm in XSF.
Sent/Storm/Mag/Cable Marvel.
Darkstalkers in CFJ.
Mech Akuma in MSH.
Steve/Nina in Tekken 5.
V-ism in A3.

Kof 2k3


Uh…Guile or Dhalsim in SF2: WW, I think…

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike: Ken SAIII/Chun SAII/Yun SAIII

That’s the divine trinity right there.

Garou: Kevin Rian
Tobal 2: Mark the Devil (1st Form)

Don’t really know the tiers for either Slam Masters game, but The SCORPION was fucking awesome. :encore:

steve was best in t4, and beat the shit out of jin, and had 0 bad matches

You really think the tiers in 3S are as hard set as in Marvel or KOF2003? The criteria were games in which you have to pick certain characters or you have NO chance. If you think that’s the case in 3S then…:confused:

^^ Yeah I was about to say… I dont think some people are understanding the question if they are mentioning 3S and CVS2. I’m not familiar with KOF2003 so I wont comment on that. But in 3S you can win with just about anybody besides Sean or Ibuki, in CVS2 the tiers are so loose you can win with nearly anyone. In marvel, if you dont have Cable or Sent on your team you are fucking dead meat. Hell, the tiers are so tight in marvel if you accidently pick the wrong assist you are pretty much dead.

Yeah MSP you’re not winning anymore!


i saw a vid of a KOF2k3 tournament and almost every team was K’/DuoLon/Goro. Pretty damn boring. And each match was about as interesting as a coin flip.

I was watching some KOF Neowave vids and there is always someone using Choi, Kim, and/or Jhun. Are they top tiers or something, because they (especially Choi) get on my nerves. Is this how all KOFs are? I hope not.

Back to topic: Wasn’t MK2 basically “pick Jax or Mileena, if not you die,” fest? Usually, games with one or two god tiers are what you call “hard set tiers.” Let me list some more:

FFT if you count non fighters-Orlandu

You know the rest.

TMNT 1 - Donatello

Kevin is definately top-tier, but he’s not quite good enough to dominate every match.