Hard Shell Taco's VS Soft Shell Taco's


I feel as even though Hard Shell tastes great, the mother fucker falls apart after 1 bite

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How is the doritos hard shell? Been meaning to try that bad boy out for a minute.


Soft tacos are superior. I hate how the hard shell falls aparts after a bite.


doritos shell is the shit.

anyway hard is best, but you gotta mix em up every now and then


It’s okay, you can barely taste the doritos flavor though

Supposedly it has been the item that boosted sales at taco bell though


So tasty. It’s like all I order there now.


Cheesy Gordita crunch is the best thing ever*. That + Soft Taco Supreme + Strawberry Fruitista is amazing

Anyways how do you eat a crunchy taco without making a mess? Perhaps by biting swiftly?

*from Taco Bell

I prefer soft because I can roll them like a burrito and not make a mess. Also, burritos > tacos.


Cheesy Gordita Crunch is my favorite item there too, but for the sake of this discussion I’ll pretend like it doesn’t exist. I mean the outer layer is a thick soft tortilla so it won’t fall apart anyway ^^


I prefer soft shell.


I have a feeling alot of us are going to lose some friends by the time this is over.

That being said, at that point it’s a fucking burrito, lets be realistic.


Fucksticks I want a taco right now. Why the fuck is the only one in the region a 30 minute drive out of town.


Soft shell, but make sure the tortilla is corn.

Also, the best tacos are the little taco truck-style ones with two tortillas each all arranged on a paper plate with the meat of choice, some cilantro/onions sprinkled on, and a splash of salsa.


Dat 4th Meal craving. I usually go for something sweet like a bowl of oatmeal or cereal for a midnight snack.


Always was a hard shelled fan. Never even tried the soft taco.


Soft shell. You can make so many kinds of sandwich wraps with them.


Taco trucks are actually one of the things I am the most grateful for about living in NY


Man, I haven’t had Taco Bell in ages.
The urge just hasn’t been there despite me being like a 5 minute drive away.

Hard Taco is good. Don’t mind the mess much.
Soft taco is ok, but I don’t like how gross it feels if I have the thing laying after a while.

I use to go hard on chalupas though. Those things are awesome.


Can you believe that shit is against the law here?


You mother fuckers…Now I want Tacos.