Hard time adjusting to 3s

For exampe in a… how do you say wakeup situation it seems like all you can do is guess between high or low or throw…this wonldnt be so bad but, alot of reversal attacks that arent dp get sqaushed and if yor character doesnt have a good reversal your just guessing you but off. Again his wouldnt be so bad but hella normals lead to special which lead to supers wich puts in the same situation again…It feels like the point of the games is to get in close and trigger these guessing games, thats not that fun maybeim doing something wrong can some one please give me some tips. I play Alex btw.

You have stumbled across a point of great debate among people who like and don’t like 3s. The guessing games only continue from here onward, so turn back now to preserve your sanity. I like 3s, but all the fucking guessing is tiresome.

You should block low 90% of the time on wakeup, specially if you’re not very confident on your options.

the fuck were you doing in other games? block low and react to overheads 95% of the time, theres your guessing game. feel free to try to tech a throw 5% of the time.

PROTIP - Blocking on wakeup is top-tier.

Your first mistake - playing Alex.


Block low like others have said. If you’re feeling psychic feel free to parry their meaty.

There are only a few characters that you should really stop you from blocking low. Keep in mind that no matter how fast an overhead is (except maybe some instant air stuff like Oro chicken) low attacks are always faster (low short especially). That means it is a little easier to react to overheads than it is to react to low moves. That is why (for the most part) you should block low. Sometimes it does seem hopeless, though. Dudley has a particularly good high low mix up game, at that point you have to experiment with blocking high, low, or use an uppercut. Characters that have command throws should also give you pause because they can just throw you out of your block. That said, a lot of knowing what to do comes from experience. Just keep playing and experiment with different options and see how it works out.

For example, I often play Akuma against a guy who likes to walk back throw when I get up. I’ve found that I can easily counter with d+lp+lk (crouch tech) kara throw. Sometimes I even go for low forward hk hurricane when I am 95% sure that he is going to walk back.

Hmmm guess I should block low (pretty sure i was doing that).

Anyway about the gessing after playing a little bit more today ive found stupid mistakes in how i play lead to these guessing game. Also alex sucks.

Thanks for fast responses.

Yeah, that’ll happen. Sometimes you just seem to have a rough time defending against your opponent. At that point the natural instinct for new players is to enter a mental freeze. Try to avoid this. As soon as you stop thinking or think that there’s no way for you to come back, you probably won’t be fighting as well as you could be. Also that’s a really pretty avatar. I like it. Lilies are the best.

You should honestly be blocking all overheads that aren’t UOH (except Dudley’s) on reaction. While throw is 2 frames of start up in this game, if they don’t meaty well, go for it on wake up. What I do in wake-up situations is pay REALLY good attention to how their sprite moves with the stick BARELY blocking low. If I don’t see anything too fishy, I block low. Like above posters said, blocking low on reaction is nearly impossible.

Always have your fingers over short and jab while doing this though. If they don’t meaty, always watch out for the grab.

That was supposed to be some lowtier humor.

I dont really agree with the blocking overheads thing on reaction, if you focus on reaction to much then there is an other area of your defense that is more vulnerable, in this case is getting grabed. I focus on reaction only when im traped by an aegis in the corner, but it doesnt mean you have to never react to it, it just means dont do it all the time.

I think you shouldnt have that * focus on this or that *, the more you play, the better your defense becomes, you will do the right thing at the right time and it will work 50% of the time.

Evrything is experience, dont make up patterns.

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Alex is great.

bodler: Getting thrown is probably the least bit of your worries in a situation like that.

I do agree that one’s experience will ultimately be the deciding factor, though. In the end, yeah, you’ll make the right decision.