Hard Trial 3



sorry if there is already a thread for this, I used the search tool and didn’t see anything.

Anyway, Guile’s Hard Trial 3

lv 2/3 Focus Attack
f. HK (reverse spin kick)
c. LP
c. MP
Flash Kick

My problem is linking. The c. LP c. MP link is fairly easy, I can get it maybe 40-60% of the time. But the Reverse Spin Kick c. LP link is really giving me a tough time. Which obviously means that the full reverse spin kick c. LP c. MP link is hell for me.

So, I’m rather new to street fighter, so any information to help me with these links is appreciated. (mainly the kick to the c.LP)

Other information… I dont think this info really matters, but anyway, I’m using the madcatz TE stick and am on the PC version of the game


It takes some getting used to. Don’t try and do the whole thing from the start, break it up into pieces.

Do the upside down kick to light punch link over and over until it’s about 50-60% rate, then the same with the punch to punch, etc etc.

For the 1-frame links, I’ve found that it’s just barely after the hit connects that you want to go for the button. Check out the ‘spark’ animation that plays when you connect any hit with someone, you can sort of gauge it by that (or at least that’s sort of how I gauge it). Just as the sparks kind of “shoot off” after you connect the hit to press the next one. Or, just get the feel in general of linking the two. Took me a solid hour or so to beat this challenge.


On trial 3 you have to do the reverse spin kick as late as possible, when Dan is on his knees for a frame or 2.

I had completed the hard trials a while back but decided to run through them again. The 1st time I got throught it, it was by pure luck. I did the combo but didn’t pay attention how I did it. This time I payed attention to detail.

I noticed that when you do the reverse spin kick as late as possible, the link for c.lp is easier to connect. I managed to get past the 3rd trial in about 5 tries. Anyway, I got through the hard trials in about 30 minutes this time. They’re way easier when you’ve played the shit out of Guile like I have.

It also helps if you’ve come up with combos of your own cuz you get into a rhythm with your timing.


^ Most definitely.