Hard Trial 5 help!

I apologize if there is already a thread for this, if there is one please put the link, thank you.
Hi guys!
I’m on the last trial and for some reason when I do the ex tatsu, Dan is projected to the opposite side of the corner? WTF??
Can somebody explain this to me, or even better tell me how to do it well!

when that happens to me its usually that Dan is way to close to the corner, try distancing him a bit more

Unless you’re hitting the opponent at point blank, ex-tatsu usually flings your opponent in the other direction, contrary to Ryu’s same direction. So make sure your standing Roundhouse is as close as it can be, c.lk as close as it can be, and ex-tatsu that.

To prove my point try from a distance:
Ex-flip > dive kick > c.lk xx ex-tatsu (opponent should launch forward)
Ex-flip > dive kick > c.mk xx ex-tatsu (c.mk pushes enough to make opponent now fly behind akuma)

I was also having trouble with this. Rather than try and get the spacing perfect (which takes forever and makes the combo worth less to try and apply in a real match unless you get a great feel for it) I simply used the combo as a corner escape. Space about right for the combo, and do the same direction for tatsu and shoryuken. Should get at least 1 hit.

In real match terms, this is much better than the corner pressure this combo seems designed for, mostly because the 2-hit kick pushes the opponent back fairly far on block or hit. Also, I wouldn’t use the EX Shoryu at the end in this setting unless your opponent is low on life. 1 hit nerfed to hell by combo scaling isn’t really worth a quarter of a super unless it ends the round. (Of course, you’ll probably want to omit the jumping HK most of the time in this situation, but the basic premise of st. HK -> cr. LK -> EX Tatsu seems like a good corner escape / trap)

st.HK, c.lp is far more reliable and consistent even online, the link is very easy to do.

I don’t see or do much j.hk, st.hk since the j.hk would mean youre close enough punishing a whiffed move or pressuring a wakeup, and if it connects, you’d throw out c.mk or c.HP and BnB. The only time I’ve ever seen a j.hk, st.hk was [media=youtube]628pxCQ6ib4"[/media]

Ex-srk = hp.srk dmg. Ex will knockdown for sure if it hits once though.

Corner escape can be as easy as j.tatsu

hey if its throwing them out of the corner you are too close back up for your jHK to where it hits just below the waist.

also… this might not be ACTUALLY helpful… lol… but the way I like to do this combo is to put them into the corner then do j.hk, s.HK, c.mp FADC, c.lk, c.lp, EX tatsu, EX SRK.

And if you want you can make it j.hk, s.hk, c.mp FADC, c.lk, c.lp, c.lp, EX tatsu, EX SRK to reverse the direction it spits them

First one spits forwards second one spits backwards. That way you don’t have to worry about the light kick hitting funny. :slight_smile:

and of course no point to EX srk at the end of that in real life…

and if you ahve a hard time with just c.lk, c.lp … instead use c.lk, c.lp, c.mp for the forward spit.