Hard work: anything you have worked hard to do on MK2

yup!!! i officially own the highest hit kitana combo,7 hits!! (8 hits IF you wanna include the fan lift witch should NOT be included)nearly IMPOSSIBLE to do,what hard work,i deserve a pat on the back,anyone want a demonstration???(all in good humor folks this isnt a brag fest) i have been practising this combo for weeks,finally did it online in kaillera with 4 people playing,and a big wow that was!! so i started to practice it with the timers off on both sides and after about 20 trys i was able to do it again,then i was able to do it 2 times in a row,watch out it takes more then half energy! never seen anyone do this before so big ups to me,hehehe. and i also have a 7 hit with mileena but its not done cause i cant seem to be successful with the last hit making it 8 hits,that one will have to wait,the kitana one owns!!! anyone working hard on new tricks or combos?new ones are always around the corner,or in the corner,hahahahaha. also a new trick with mileena that is devastating!! hint* someone jumps at you and the end result is a REVERSE roll witch sets them up for an uppercut right after,wow!!! wow!!!(anyone ever see “a reverse roll glitch”?) nailed it with an uppercut after!!!

***almost forgot,the mileena trick technically isnt a glitch i dont think,not too sure, the reverse roll seems to be a glitch but i dont think it is. none the less i can reverse roll,i figured out was cause the reverse roll and how to implement it, its awsome cause after the reverse roll,the opponent flys in the air BACKWARDS towards you leaving you to uppercut,man this is such a highly skilled trick!!! watch out guys i got some more flashy stuff coming your way:)


^^^OMFG?? hopefully thats about what i stated and not that im posting a thread about this. this thread is justly deserved,HARDWORK should never go unoticed and i will be the first to state that after a lot of hardwork went into this, and also a newly implemented style that surely no one does or has really seen USED on a regular basis,this only happens by accident with mileena, and i captured it and im using it,thats hardwork! i always try to discover the flashiest of combos or flashy styles to use, this is a landmark acheivement!!! with any discovery comes a new way to play,this mileena milestone opens up unbelievable new ways to play with her and other combos that can be done!! i am a hardworking kombat player,and im excited to post this,thats all

Dont listen to that douche nugget. Since he pays money, he is allowed to troll wherever he wants. :rolleyes: Besides, half this site talks down MK becaue they suck at it, and had to find somethin else to play.

But thats some good shit, Dookiebrain. Load that stuff onto You-Tube, and send it to Goofart to post on umk.com

That combo definitely makes the topic creator the best from now.

Stop trolling.


I almost wanna play this actually. Maybe I’ll try it a few times once I get a PS3.

Actually now that you bring it up. This is the first time I’ve actually had to pay for my own premium (or trolling rights…whichever you wanna call it).

hey what ever floats your boat dude,troll me all you want,this is intended for serious kombat headz and trust this DOES matter, this involves new discoveries, this has no bearing on my skill towards others as it is about movements that characters can do that change or influence the game, i am NO master!! if i was a master this would be a boring game. you may troll at your own delight, you remind me of me a few moths back,go ahead have some fun. serious kombat players you know what this is about.

thanks tim, and filming this will be a nightmare! i am gonna start tonight. and this is not a discovery by me, when i say i own the combo it implies i own it in my arsenal now,i did NOT discover this combo, and im sure there is still bigger and better combos out there,so please any advise about more combo possibilities i wanna know. honeslty i am more impressed with the mileena bit,when this happened i was determined to control this odd thing that happens sure enough it is now commanded or owned, this is the flashiest thing that i have ever done or at least the coolest outside of standing juggles to specials,on a technical stand point,when the opponent flys backwards at the player after the “reverse roll” you can do either an uppercut or, hp-up punch-sai, or maybe even do another “reverse roll” see what i mean, this is about mechanics,not about me.

I know wut this guy talking about actually XD…Myself wants to get this game on PS3 when I do get one…

I <3 your honesty.

But if you are really interested in MK, then there is only one site you need: www.UltimateMK.com

Do you play UMK3 on XBL?

see above post :slight_smile:

i agree 100% and wish i wasnt such a dumbas* for getting banned,tim is right, umk.com is the place to be, i learned so much from those players and at first was stunned that these kids were that good, in other words if you think you know kombat,go to umk.com and then tell me if you still think you know kombat.

last one till tomorrow, im not trying to be all over this site with my crap

here is what causes the “reverse roll” ok first i have to tell you i still have to fine tune this until i master it,quite difficult. if this ends up being 100% everytime you do it then mileena has been moved up on the tier even more so. this COULD make jump over kicks impossible to get on her, why? this means that if mastered that mileena could destroy anyone with out even leaving the ground,destroying people with defense not offense,and not countering by defense,im talking DESTROYING with defense(oops that was stupid to say,its still defensive,lol)anyway,this is how to do. this obviously has to happen on the exact frame in witch the opponent trys to do a jump-over kick, IT HAPPENS ON THE FRAME THAT IS ABSOLUTLY THE ONE MOST DIRECTLY 12:00 TO YOUR HEAD,at this frame if you do the roll AS the oppnent cross to otherside,it seems to confus the roll,causing it to roll forward as in reality you are really rolling backwards with a forward roll APPEARANCE,this leaves the opponent flying in the air backwards towards you screaming " hit me,more combos,here i am take advantage of this" i cannot tell you how much i will be working on this for a full 100% implementation

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