Hardcore Gaming Communities..Where are they for different genres and games

I’m looking for communities that are hardcore into specific genres or games of current gen consoles.

Obviously Sonic community is at Sonic Retro - Second Only to Sega

But, what about like a Gran Turismo Community; Halo, Fifa, Madden, etc.

Any help would be awesome.

gee i wonder where you could find a street fighter community web site…

Other then street fighter…that’s a mistake.

Your pretty much at THE Street Fighter community, Street Fighter is what brought many ( but not necessarily all ) of us here in the first place. You can say this place is the main Fighting Game community as such. There is also Neo Empire, another well known FG community.

For Mario, the main one I know of is Mario Fan Games Galaxy.

Btw, I’m also on Sonic Retro as NHY and on MFGG as Neo Hyper Yoshi. ( Yes, laugh if you want. Its also why my Xbl gamertag is MCNHY, its a combination of both usernames )

ugh at Hardcore Madden site.

For Final Fantasy Eyes on FF is what you want, stay away from ffonline. So EOFF it is, though we don’t have much to talk about nowadays.

The official game’s forums is the best place to start, ask the people in those communities.

Halo has MLG

The official game’s forums is the best place to start, ask the people in those communities.

Halo3 has the MLG forums - MLG Forums

Pokémon is Smogon

sc2 is teamliquid.net

fps dont have one. its all for shit talk.

civilization games is civfanatics.com

those guys beat the game on deity difficulty and higher, and make threads for their game, giving detailed turn by turn summaries, with insights into the choices and strategies that they pursue.

What about like sports games?

Gran Turismo has gtplanet.net, Wipeout has wipeoutzone.com and wipeoutarena.com (French), F-Zero I think still has a subsection on Smashboards, Need For Speed has nfscars.net. That’s about it for racing games.

For 2D shooters (shoot-em-ups / shmups) visit shmups.com

tetris is tetrisconcept and Hard Drop - Tetris Community & Forum. the first caters more towards the single player grandmaster arcade games and the second is more multiplayer oriented.

shmups is shmups.system11.org • Index page

anyone got one for disgaea?

Cool thread. dustloop.com for all things Guilty Gear and Blazblue related.


Socom.com They complain worse than Street Fighter fans about their games and they still are the most aggressive at preventing new people playing.

What about DDR Fans?

Oh and I almost forgot

Rare fans have

For Street Fighter there’s also
Street Fighter Strategy Guides, News, Videos, Combos and Tips : EventHubs.com

For unreleased games there’s
Lost Levels - A website about unreleased video games.
The ASSEMblergames.com - Home of the obscure - Powered by vBulletin

ddrfreak.com and bemanistyle.com are the places to go for DDR stuff and bemani related rhythm games (and others).