Hardest accomplishment ever in a game?

Alenth and I were discussing this a bit in the KOF XIII forum–but I thought it would be interesting to hear about your most difficult accomplishments in all video games. For me, when I was a teen I thought beating Emerald and Ruby Weapon in Final Fantasy VII made me a badass. Eventually I started to seek out the hardest things possible in games I loved just for the satisfaction of completing them.

Currently, I’d say the hardest thing I’ve ever done in a non-fighting game was doing a run of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for the DS with a level one experience cap on the hardest difficulty and without using any items or skills from previous runs.

In fighting games, the hardest was definitely doing all the KOF XIII trials for all characters. Ash alone took me about a week, trying a few hours a day.

Let’s share stories and maybe find a new challenge to tackle. :slight_smile:

Beating the original Ninja Gaiden on NES.

Getting past the jet ski stage in Battle Toads, again on NES.

Ya, basically most of them will be NES games. They had a legit difficulty, a lot of games can be hard but only if you handicap yourself.
Because FF7 has enough bullshit to work around any tough boss.

Finishing all the trials in fighting games is generally one of the hardest achievements in video games, period.

There are many really hard things to do if you impose limits to yourself(like level 1, no items and shit) but games that were actually intrinsically hard without you adding some handicap, I would have to say Fire Emblem 5 in hard mode, and the DS Fire Emblem in the 5 star difficulty.

took years but beated:
-NES Battle-Toads (2 players with brother)
-all three NES Ninja Gaidens

  • Mike Tyson in Punch-out barely by luck.

no emu just regular NES
no other gaming accomplishments will ever come close…

Ya I just can’t take Nini Heart seriously.

Nigga was born in the 90’s.

didn’t this thread just exist by way of it being hardest games ever? which is still something that is made and remade every few months (seemingly). all with people making retarded claims to games that aren’t hard being impossible.

The artificial handicaps are part of what makes it interesting to me. Since games haven’t been difficult to beat at all since the NES days really, masochists like me who love a brutal challenge have had to make our own. The only exceptions to the rule I can think of nowadays are the newer-gen Ninja Gaidens, Devil May Cry 3 (before its easier re-release), and most recently, Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls.

Odin, if the trials are that easy for you then in my opinion that doesn’t devalue Nini Heart’s opinion, it just means you’re a badass with a lot of practice and experience to back up your opinion. Everything is relative when we’re talking about difficulty anyway, I’m terrible at FPS games because I don’t enjoy them just as a matter of personal taste. Plus, I think anyone who’s done all the trials in all recent fighters would agree there’s an ocean of difference in difficulty from Vanilla MvC3’s to KOF XIII’s or Blazblue’s.

I never had an original NES, we got a Sega Master System instead, lol. That had its fair share of insanely hard games, like the crappy Rocky made famous again by the Angry Video Game Nerd, and especially After Burner, which I never did finish.

I also totally forgot about stuff like N+ and Super Meat Boy–those are probably the modern equivalents of those old NES classics in terms of difficulty.

Doing trials are just generally easier, because it takes 2 seconds to reset the trial and give it another shot.
Beating a whole game like Battletoads requires extreme precision because there are least 100 different ways you can fail and you will have to restart the whole game when you do. It’s more frustrating to the mind and fatigue sinks in sooner.

So whether your execution is good or not, trials are not the hardest achievements “period”.

AAAing the hardest charts in beatmania. Still some songs that haven’t been done in 10+ years.

When talking about this kind of shit everyone seems to forget that games have changed over the years. Man, those games (nes, 80’s arcade games) werent “legit hard”, as someone else put it. They lacked any real depth, no story, easy to master controls and freakin’ beeps and boops for sound. So how do they keep you playing that shit? Make it so hard that you’ll never get through the entire game. If they tried to do shit like that now it wouldnt fly. Everyone would be pissed talking about how whatever game is so hard they cant even pass the first level. How well do you think a game like Bayonetta would have been received if on the first area (graveyard) every bad dude one shotted you and it took you 10 to 15 hits to kill one? And instead of there only being like 6 bad dudes or so you have to face 15 waves of 15 to 20 bad dudes who get harder and harder each wave. Even though they kill you in one shot they do get harder.

My hardest accomplishment in gaming was figuring out that WoW was a waste of my time.

Good point, and agreed. That was one of the things that made the Portrait of Ruin Castlevania playthrough with Axe Armor so hard for me–it took literally upwards of about 20 minutes to kill Dracula when you’re at level one, and one slip up sends you right back to the beginning.

I musta played this bit alone 100 times at least


then this


NES games don’t fuck about

It would be called Dark Souls: Tits and Heels Edition.

Ya for real. If fighting games required you to do ALL the trials in a row, or you start from the beginning after one fuck up, then yes, that would definitely rank up there on some of the hardest achievements ever.

I’m sure someone will mod a Tits and Heels edition of Dark Souls when it drops on the PC. I look forward to it greatly, especially the overtly obscene version of the boss “Ceaseless Discharge.”

I agree with dirzzt360 that the old standard of difficulty just wouldn’t be acceptable today. The only real reason I think they made them that hard in the first place was for replay value. Play any of those old classics on an emulator with infinite lives and you realize start to finish most games of that ilk contain less than 2 hours of actual content.

I knew that if anyone responded to me that dope would say something about Demon’s/Dark Souls. That game is not that hard, if you have patience. I still say that game is more of a test of endurance than anything else.

I unlocked EVERYTHING in F-Zero GX

Mass Effect 2 on insanity using vanguard, I dare you escape the collector ship

100% in Super Meat Boy.

God I miss that game