Hardest accomplishment ever in a game?

I always thought the tranquilizer gold trial in Perfect Dark N64 was really hard, especially due to the controller. I’ve never heard anyone mention it ever, so either no one does those trials or it’s a piece of cake.

Also, when I first played CvS2, it took me about 3 hours to beat Shin Akuma. Back in the day I only used FP and FK so I would get magic SRKed for free for hours on end.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy AI on very hard had magic counters too.

Mrs.Pac-Man, Mine-Sweeper, Galaxain and others got ‘‘legit hard’’ as the game progress to test those simple skills that you mastered easily .
Many games though during that era especially Atrai/ ‘NES’ were impossible to beat and instantly hard because of very bad game designing and poor programming like TMNT 1 and X-men on NES.
Hell even with the Game Gene games like the X-men pretty much exploded and would crash with cheats enable. Gaming has change now because the younger generation want instant gratification and rather take simple,fast, easy route to finish a game so the designers hold their hands the whole way though it .

Playing some shoot em ups… like maybe R-type with 1 credit.

I saw a video of some Japanese guy playing a shootem up on hardest difficulty and completing it without continues.

Now that is hard.

Whoa hold up. Many forget about the amount of time and skill it takes to 1CC (or god forbid 2-All for some) a bunch of shmups out there. 1CCing Futari Ultra is probably the hardest trial of anything ATM. No one has 1CCed Eschatos Advanced Hardest. There is only one guy on the leaderboards who has 1cced Original Hardest, and he has only reached area 22 on Advanced while everyone below him is around area 12. Let’s not even get into scoring lol.

I’d put the Souls game in the challenging category but not necessarily really hard. Just a good challenging game.

NES Ninja Gaiden is probably my top at the moment. 1ccing Raiden Fighters wasn’t too crazy. I’m trying to 2-All Raiden 4 but not anywhere close.

Edit: Beat to the punch lol.

Spy Hunter
and Ski Free are just so hard I’ve given up on them.

but http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/pacman/"]I will beat Pac Man

Dude, I’ve never even heard of this game so to me it sounds like you’re having a very Japanese stroke. Please, educate me!

Goldeneye N64 - 00 agent Facility. beating this level in the time limit without internet assistance was a hassle. i spent ages attempting this with no success.there was this one kid at my school who was able to beat facility and other difficult levels and refused to explain how and demanded money in exchange for these goldeneye secrets…smh. i revisisted the game in 2007, beating it with only a few hiccups

battletoads isn’t as difficult as the 09ers make it out to be due to warps and sections that allow you to collect lives straight after check points. anyone who actually owned and played the hell out of battletoads knows this

I’m not the type to care whether something is made in Japan or not, as long as shit is fun and challenging lol. But here you go:

A great run of Futari Ultra 1.01’s last boss:

Futari Ultra TLB



Not sure if 1.5’s is harder or not.

Area 21-26 of current top replay of Eschatos Original Hardest. One thing that makes Advanced harder is the weaker shield, and you power down when getting a screen clearer:




…and that kid grew up to found Zynga.

Someone said something about the Perfect Dark trials. I dont remember much but I know it had a shit load of challenges against bots and good lord if that shit didnt get fucking absurd. Fuck those little aliens.

Makes me think about playing Golden Eye against my buddy. It was so busted it just wasnt fair or fun to play him. This dude knew every map inside and out and would run right for the proximity mines at the start of the match and start putting those fuckers on all the spawn points. After about a minute the match was over because everyone would just get spawn killed by mines…over and over and over.

Those bullet hell shooters intrigue me but I know for a fact, I’d probably murder a whole neighborhood trying to beat the first stage. Nerves of steel.
The only time I really tried the “impossible” was the weapons in FF7 years ago. I did everything I could to be prepared for them, maxed out all my character’s levels, and I still couldn’t beat them. There’s a limit for me to know when enough is enough and especially when I had other shit to do, I gave up after the 20th or so time and just went on raping Sephiroth. I don’t regret it though.

Beating Gumshoe on Nes.
Fuck my life and anyone else’s who did that.


For any wondering this game was played with the Nes light gun sooo yea…

Glad we got so many ninja gaiden shout-outs. Anybody ever do a NO/NO/OLB run on master ninja (ninja gaiden II)? Shit’s intense…

And once you’ve finally conquered them all they release even more BS songs. Fuck you Himiko.

Megaman fucking 3(no walkthrough)…

I will forever remain proud of that… shit was stupid hard…

its boshy time

I beat Rampage on NES. Difficult? No. But fuck your attention span, nigga. (They should have never given you niggas Ritalin.)

I somehow beat Rampage on NES. 130 levels IIRC.

One thing that comes to mind from the modern era for me is that Score Attack mode in the first BlazBlue. That’s gotta be one of the hardest single player modes ever put into a fighting game…basically the difficulty for that is “special” as it goes beyond the game’s highest difficulty setting for anything else. The first opponent will destroy you in about 4 seconds, usually. In fact, I’m doubting it’s even possible without using either of Tager or Jin… I used Tager. It almost turns the mode around into something easy when you pick that character, but he still has a problem with v13 since her whole deal is to throw magical teleport/spawning knives out of nowhere all day long. The cpu’s Unlimited Ragna against anyone else besides Tager is a rape simulator. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a character that ridiculous in a fighting game, actually. You will die in 2 or 3 seconds…unless you’ve decided to win by picking Tager, of course.

on another note— the “A-Rank” CPU characters in Soul Calibur 5 can and will get Perfects on you pretty much whenever they feel like it.

*Back in the day, despite my hellish experience with NES Battletoads… I actually bought the Gameboy version when it came out… apparently I thought it might be better and actually possible then… I was wrong. You still had to be Jesus Christ to stand a chance of beating that. The people who worked on the Battletoads franchise should’ve been banned from this industry.

I beat every single cup in F-Zero GX on Master, 500 points on each of them.