Hardest AI

Out of any fighting game, which one has a difficulty (AI) that if put it to MAX,
is just insanely difficult and a frustrating ordeal just trying to win one round,
let alone the match?

War Gods gets pretty annoying.

Tekken 2 has the type of AI your mamma warned you about

Oh and good luck

cyber akuma

VF4 evo hands down

All SNK bosses.

It’s not even that the AI is good, they’re just broke as fuck.

I’ve posted about this before but the hardest AI I have played against is that of Hyper SF2 for PS2. Play the AI on Alpha 3 or 3rd Strike and it is not too difficult and the graduations of difficulty are reasonable. Hyper SF2 however is INSANELY hard on all difficulties. And it’s not my lack of skill - I’m reasonably good at SF2 and can beat some competent human players.

Step one: activate Super SFII Turbo.

Step two: jack the difficulty all the way up.

Step three: bend over.

the game where you play potemkin and gabriel is your brother

and you never stop posting in threads about it

i win this game, tho. all the time.

For me its
1)HSF2 on the SF aninversary collections disc. I like it has a one preset difficulty and its Hard.
2)Tekken 2. When you get to Kazuya. The game becomes imposible to beat.
3)Hokuto No Ken that game is tough as hell.

  • Pretty much on the SNK note. KoFXI especially. :sad:

Notible broken: Mukai, Zero, Krillad, Blood Riot Leona and Orochi.

…that went well.

QFT, although like some others have already mentioned, I think Hyper is a bit harder.
With ST I can make it pretty far on one credit with either Blanka or Dee Jay, but in Hyper I get totally raped for some reason.

I want to see what place level 8 Hyper/ST AI in some majors would make. Any organizers willing to bend some formalities to make that happen.

agreed, SSF2T is one of the hardest to beat without using continues (that includes beat Akuma on the end without using continue)

I have AE for PS2 (Jap) and I dont think its as hard as SSF2T that comes on the CCC2 (PS2)

and the bend over part is more like: bring a magazine to read for a while and bend over.

**ART OF FIGHTING 2 **(Neo-Geo).

Close thread.

Uh…are you kidding? Those are all of the EASY KOF bosses. (Without exploiting AI or glitches)


oh, and battletoads

Never had any qualms about anything other than SC3 primarily. Could never get shit past those turtling/parry whoring ultra comps.

Talk about beating a dead horse. :rofl:

1:Boot up ST for MAME
2:Dipswitch set to 8 star difficulty
3:“insert” 2 coins