Hardest challenge/quest/level in generally easy games

Super mario 64:
Chests in the current star for Dire Dire Docks

That’s all I have right now. I’m replaying Mario 64 and this was a pain in the ass. Every time I opened the last chest I got sucked in the whirlpool. I never did this star as a kid, now I know why.

Well in The World Ends with You, I put it on the hardest setting and lowered my level to 1 and beasted most encounters. Then when I went to Another Day and fought the secret boss, I was like WTF. This guy basically can 2 shot me. Of course I beat him the cheesy way by juggling him forever with Neku and spamming i-frames with Shiki. Then Joshua had it nice with his Jesus Beams. I don’t think I can ever beat him with Beat though, he just keeps eating hits.

FF X: Lulu’s Onion Night weapon

To get it, you must dodge 200 lighting bolts in a row, without getting hit or leaving the area

I have been trying for over a decade and I still cannot climb the waterfall in the Hakuna Mattata level of the Lion King game for the Genesis. Sucks because I loved all of the Disney games and was able to beat them all within Blockbuster’s three day rental period of the time. With the exception of Mickey Mania, which was awesome but huge. That game needs to be put on one of the console service like XBLA, VC or PSN.

I thought about the Sonic Adventure games right away…those timed treasure hunt missions were garbage. If I recall, the location of the things you had to find were switched up each time, and the time limit was quite unforgiving. It’s almost like if someone said “Ok you need to find all 5 of these 1-centimeter shards of glass that are scattered somewhere across the African continent. You have 4 minutes to search for these things across the entire continent…GO!”

Believe it or Not, Fable 2 has one. Yes I realize this is the easiest game of this gaming generation, but that shooting range is a little ridiculous. I was never able to get the top prize in that. (the Red Dragon handgun) Fortunately it’s not necessary to proceed in the game.

DragonBall Z Shin Budokai Another Road for the psp. In Chapter 2 one of those branched off paths, you start off with Trunks, Paikuuhan, and Future Gohan or any characters if you beat the game. The mission was to defeat Dabura in 120 seconds. The problems was you have to defeat wave of enemies before Dabura arrives and the computer AI were highly evasive which wasted a lot of time. It’s a bitch to beat this even if you have high stats on your characters thanks to the limited amount of time.

That underwater mission in Starfox 64. Every mission was easy except for that damn level. How was i supposed to know that fishes can shoot missles and clams can shoot lasers? And to make things worst, the boss filled the screen with missles and lasers while your slow ass sub can barely dodge anything. What I learned was only shoot something thats actually a threat to you, and not shoot everything you see on the screen.

Team Buddies, its like the 1st few levels are easy then it go’s into insane mode

Full Throttle - Kicking the damn wall…

Super Mario Galaxy. One of the last stars you have to blow up trash with these bombs.

You get unlimited chances, but the actual time it takes is like 10 seconds. More often than not you’ll fail. I swear, it probably took me about 10 minutes to get that star. That’s a lot of losing.

Gradius III Snes. I can one life the entire game until I get to the part after you destroy the wall boss and the ceiling and floor start breaking apart.

You thought FFX was easy?

Well, you’d be right.

However, getting the onion knight is nothing. Did you fight Penance?

Woah you just reminded me of that! Took me 20 mins I think.

Anyway I would have to say this weird corridor in Resident Evil 4 where there was only a painting. Apparently you had to shoot the bottle in the painting.

My Hero on the Sega master system - Arcade style game where every enemy will kill you in one shot be it pig or flying bomb. After the 3rd stage everything speeds up to a point where you need Flash like reflexes…it was a game I accepted as too hard to beat and just gave up on.

That crane boss in FF7 that can grab up to two of your party members, kill the third, and make the game believe that’s a totally defeated party resulting in a game over.

The last boss in Super Widget for the SNES.

Dark World Dungeons 1 and 5 in Zelda 3.

Special World Stage 2 (the P balloon level) in Super Mario World.

Every world in Super Mario Bros. 3 is legitimately harder than the last, adding a feeling of escalating difficulty to what is otherwise an easy game.

The vehicle segments in Gears of War 1 and 2.

Wily Stage 2 in Megaman 10.

Finding the needle in Jupiter in the seventh Dr. B game.

Link’s Awakening Eagle’s Tower is pretty nasty. If you fuck up enough this dungeoun is impossible to beat.

Getting the Chaos Emerald in Sky Zone Act 2 is impossible without consulting some strategy guide/youtube vid.

Find the “Sea” Chocograph in FF9. Just really a nightmare to find.

The Trail Missions in FFTA2 are annoying. Laws like “missing is forbidden” in which you have NO control over.

I remember that. Most of those click and point games always had something really stupid like that.

MGS1 - back tracking for the sniper rifle.

haha have you ever played the arcade version of g3

Final Fantasy 2 (famicom version, NOT FF2 for SNES that is really FF4)

There’s this one cave where you can occasionally encounter Giants (Gigas) that are obviously way too powerful for a party that has gotten that far, and they will mop the floor with you if you aren’t VERY well prepared or creative.