Hardest characters to control in a video game


I’m not necessarily talking about the complexity of the character.

I’ve been playing Ghouls n Ghost for the past 2 years (on and off) maybe 10credits once every 4 months, and i’m still stuck on the first level, lol. My main gripe with this game is Arthur being so stiff to control.

i’m playing the cps1 arcade version of ghouls and ghosts not the snes version.

-M.Bison (dictator) in ST, although i dont have a problem using him in Hyper-fighting.


You can’t control Phoenix.


MvC2 Dhalsim and Anakaris are the first to come to mind.


omg, those games where you control which way the character faces, then press forward so they can walk. i don’t know what it’s called, but a couple of examples would be resident evil 1 and onimusha. it gets easy after you’ve played the game for a little while, but it’s the hardest thing in the world at first.


Demon’s Souls Character. Yo, Ive walked off cliffs, stairs, bridges, and whatever in that game on accident more than I got killed by bad dudes. I’ll just want to turn around, face the other way, but no…my dude goes strolling off a ledge. Fuck that!


Any Disney game made for SNES/Genesis that wasn’t made by Capcom. Except Genesis Aladdin.


Get a few beers and the most laggy TV you can find and play Mario brothers.

The lol’s will be infinite.


Superman in Superman 64.

Arthur in Ghouls n Ghosts.

Sentinel and Magneto when you first pick up MVC2.




I remember playing smash TV in the arcade. I was like “where are the buttons? Why do I need two joysticks?” Awkward as hell but I got lucky spinning the stick around like a madman.

I was never good at keyboard/mouse controls. Goldeneye spoiled me when it came to shooters; I could walk, turn and shoot with one hand, aim with the other, and still move around while aiming with the c-buttons. Turok also had a good FPS control scheme. Xbox, GC and PS3 pads are very awkward to use for FPS, and my hand-to-hand coordination with the keys and mouse is beyond awful. It’s hard enough trying to run away without making sure I wasn’t staring at the ceiling or the floor.

Yie Air Kung Fu is still pretty awkward to me. Hold a button and press a direction to attack. Would be cool if someone made a fighting game character based on the YAKF control scheme.

I still haven’t got the hang of those old Double Dragon NES games.

RE4 was kinda weird at first with not being able to shoot/wield the knife while walking/running for your life. I remember I was stuck in a pitted area with a chainsaw wielding lady. We kept running around in circles for half an hour cause I wasn’t able to grab the ladder or shoot her without stopping. Sure enough, I got tired of running and deciding to take some shots, then she took my head off. That’s when I decided to go take the giant monster path instead. It was much easier.

Sonic and the Black Knight. You couldn’t turn around to collect stuff you missed, and the motion controls were awful.

Mortal Kombat 9. I like the fighting system, but I’ve been playing it too long to still be getting blown up by blockstrings and dropped combos due to the weird buffering system. You gotta press each input once(and only once), and buffer the input(s) before the active frames of the move that’s taken place. Mashing will make you drop every combo. Blocking is weird not because it has its own button, but because there’s no pushback and no indication of when the blockstuns ends since everything has the same blocking animation.


[media=youtube]7TRmhNXT-A4[/media] i just find the controls strange. Oh ya and monkey ball fuck that game


Oh I forgot the original Prince of Persia. That shit was dumb as hell. You had to count and estimate steps and shit.


Popo in Ice Climber (NES)

Falling through solid platforms gets annoying reeeeeeally fast.



most definitely this.




Eddie was the first character I ever played that introduced the concept of certain moves only being done when you RELEASE the button. That said, it took me a while to get used to holding and releasing different buttons during combos

Edit: Yeah there’s Balrog with TAP but that’s different




i think flash back had the same controls almost


I thought about mentioning fighting game characters, but I feel theres a difference in handling a character normally and handling a character effectively.

I have been known for over-thinking things though. Picking a character and just playing with them can be simple, but being effective with them is where the difficulty comes in.


Shaq Fu