Hardest combo to perform?

so in any fighting game , what are the combos you think is the hardest to execute ?

sf3 3rd strike

remy’s walk-up s.mk -> s.LOV on crouching stunned urien/gill/q/hugo .

yun’s keeper-jin combo


akuma’s semi infinite .

Project Justice

hideo’s infinite

Play Fate: Unlimited Codes.


Dio combos from Jojo’s

yun’s keeper-jin combo

Sounds like he’s making a beat. LOL*

I only wish there were videos of F:UC players hands available to watch somewhere, so I could see combos like [media=youtube]sNlYDPS-G5c#t=2m21s[/media] being done.

jojo is probably 1 of the fun and yet hardest , tonnes of strict link combos .

project justice

edge [media=youtube]F0V_PzgyIAY&feature=related"[/media]

i can link with 1 button super in DC , but in the arcade ,i can’t execute it .

Jedah’s Dash Fierce infinite is pretty damn rough.


Oouchi is a beast though… He still plays on GGPO all the time as “SaviorMeister”

oh there is 1 combo from bulleta , NO BODY IN THE WORLD CAN DO IT !! only 1 guy in japan who is the best in bulleta can’t do it . damn that was 2006 ago !! can’t remember who’s that player !!

I remember seeing this on youtube, I don’t remember the title though.

I’m pretty sure there’s a bunch of one frame links in it, which is why its so tough to do.

Damn you people and your crappy memory! :rofl:

Two hard ass combos that I can think of from marvel would be Cyclop’s infinite [media=youtube]gVJsRcIVuLU&feature=related[/media]

and then Spiderman’s infinite [media=youtube]Mz2DLa7Ke24[/media]

Spiderman’s seems the hardest of the two, the timing appears to be really strict, and the placement of the characters has to be perfect.

Found the Bulleta infinite, the player is SAKO, its at around 1:30 [media=youtube]hmY1h2ByUJw&feature=related[/media]

The Doom infinite at 5:18 here can’t be done with hands.


+1 :confused:

I’m going to have to say it, some of the mishima combos in tekken are practically impossible for most players…

T5, Kaz CH f,f+3, 4xEWGF for example.
T5 & DR, Kaz, CH d/f+2~ewgf, ewgf, 1, 1, cd+1,3
T5 Kaz f+4, iWS+1,2, 1, b+3,1, 1, 1,2, EWGF
T5 Kaz WS+2, 1,2, HS4:4, EWGF, cd~iws+4, cd~iws+4, ewgf

I can list more for other characters, but these in particular are pretty much as hard as combos can possibly be, ESPECIALLY the last one. I’d list from other games, but you guys will cover those in no time flat anyway, so why bother.


To my knowledge, Denpa is the only one that could do the combo for this long…3 one frame links in each repetition, about 5 reps done.

I remember Scorpion had a really tough combo to pull off in MK2. It involved a deep jump in kick > warp around the screen > juggle > ‘come here’ > uppercut then another warp aorund the screen…something silly like that. The timing was like…impossible. I did it once.

mvc2 spiderman infinite is triple just frame per rep. There is literally NO room for error on that series.

There’s actually some things in marvel that can’t be done with human hands. Do those classify as the hardest?

jedah infinite in VS is super hard from what I’ve heard. Never actually tried it though.

need long training to do these combos [media=youtube]Si5_S8F3leA[/media]

yes ! is that him ? the legendary bulleta player ? his bulleta combos is licensed and copyrighted lol

interesting stuff here! thanks for sharing the links!

oh yeah , in any darkstalker game .

i think morrigan’s Darkness Illusion is hard to chain in any combo .

and that reminds me of 3rd strike akuma !! chaining hk into raging demon !