Hardest/Easiest Characters To Use?


Which characters are the hardest to use, and the easiest to use in KOF 13? I’m talking mainly about in terms of execution, movement options, and usability in a mid-level setting.


Hardest? Probably a tossup between Maxima and Raiden. Maxi takes a lot of good reading and spacing knowledge to win with otherwise he’s free. Raiden is okay but you pretty much have to learn Dropkick setups and when to use Shoulder Tackle to take him to the next level. Leona’s another one because she’s a charge character and it’s easy to fuck up her HD Combos.

Easiest would be imho Beni or Karate. Very straightforward and easy damage without much effort.


execution wise probably terry and ryo are easy to learn, but winning with them is a different matter.


I dont really agree with Louischiper, Beni has one of the highest execution levels in the game if you want to use him to his full potential. And a character like Raiden is not very hard imo. All you have to do is learn how to hold LK basically and you get easy 1bar 1drive combos for 750 damage haha.

Easiest toptier character is probably Duo Lon imo.


This just shows how difficult it is to answer a question like this. What is easy for one person, may be hard for another guy. For example I don’t agree with Duo Lon being the easiest character at all. It’s even debatable if he’s top tier or not. One guy who I think is definately top tier and not that hard to learn is Shen. Then again: you shouldn’t look at tiers to choose the characters which you want to use.

Whatever you do, don’t base your choice on the trials / mission mode / whatever it’s called in KOFXIII. These trials are pretty hard. Try to use a resource like the dreamcancel wiki or the shoryuken wiki to get some combos and info about characters you are interested in.


Shen is the easiest Upper strong character that takes the least amount of skill to use.

Hardest to use AT THEIR STRONGEST POTENTIAL(could be easy on the small layers of their playstyle) also, no particular order:

  • Yuri
  • Claw Iori
  • Mr. Karate
  • Billy
  • Kim(you HAVE to know how to read and do mindgames or he will not work out for you)
  • Maxima
  • Raiden
  • Ash
  • Duo Lon(it takes countless games to get good with Duo like MADKof is. He has played the character since the game came out and NEVER dropped him)
  • Elizabeth
  • Mature
  • Leona
  • Ralf
  • Daimon
  • Kensou
  • Chin


Can’t believe Ash is halfway down that list. I use Claw Iori and as a scrub, can say that his HD combos aren’t that hard. I would say Ash would belong there if this was hardest to use at medium potential.



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