Hardest fighting game to learn?

Aside from Weaponlord. My pick is probably MVC2. I tried to learn it, but was totally overwhelmed. I respect that community don’t get me wrong. But the amount of shit you have to know; practical chain combos, infinites, when to call an assist, etc. Is really hard. I’m going to try to get into MVC3 though (so long as the netcode is really good).

Honorable mention to 3S which does take a long while to get decent at. And Virtua Fighter (the whole franchise).

MvC2 can surely be up there. Very unorthodox and a lot of learning curves. Plus while it has been out for 10 years, that also means a lot people have been playing it for at least 5.

VF has the rep. I like hard games so I wanna see it for myself.

I wanna give a special nod to Guilty Gear. Accent Core. I think only in this year are we starting to see the full potential of the game. It’s been out since 2007. So many systems to learn. But it’s so fun and rewarding, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, especially after this year’s SBO.

Never experienced VF deeper than scrub level, but it’s supposed to be one of the hardest to be decent at - Some people end up dedicating themselves to a single character in order to just hang

GGAC and MvC2 are definitely good picks as far as 2D fighters go

But in the end this is really subjective, as no two different players will have difficulty with the same things

MvC2 looks really hard to try and master
seems abit too hectic but thats how i lyk it, hopefully i can really get into MvC3 better than i did with MvC2
(it was too hard for me lol, quit at lyk 09 and now i cant be bothered trying to buy since MvC3 is coming out)

but VF is my pick to be the hardest game
it seems lyk its a slow paced game, but the game mechanics in the game are just amazingly complicated lol
couldnt get into this too, got too hard lol

Vf is multi-fold: you gotta learn to be good at it, and you have to learn to like it’s stark presentation. Embellishment and fancy effects in 3d games is a staple, and vf has almost none.

IMO SF4 is overall harder to play than GG (<-real talk, not trolling)
and more people should try GG and see how easy (and awesome) it is.

I lol’d.

Nah, GG’s learning curve is a lot smoother. SF4, you either settle for Jab x3 combos, or you climb the cliff and learn all sorts of links, glitches, and weird meaty jab setups, just to knock someone down.

I see what you’re doing, and I like it.

Why does this thread keep resurfacing?

It’s so we can out the closet DoA/Smash players.

VF series is the hardest by a landslide. These group of games are hard to even play competently on a novice-beginner CASUAL level of play. lol worthy to say the least.

Could be worse. I could be asking why white people act black when they’re playing fighting games.

you know that this kind of threads are prohibited by the rules since they are vs threds, right

but answering your question
GGAC, MVC2, VF5, Tobal 2

Laugh all you want but that’s the truth.

The best indicator is to measure how much of you scrub you felt like when you first picked up the game. For me the worst was MvC2. I will never have the time to get good at that game.

coming from average 2d fighters, i’d say immaterial and missing power

Sometimes I love the new community that has come to SRK since sf4 was released and other times I wish we were still back on agsf2.

The hardest game of any is ANY VF game. From VF3 and on they have constantly show the highest level of depth and they take the most skill to be great at.

After that come most Capcom fighters. IMO it goes in this order 3s, ST, MvC2. If you don’t know why i chose thoes games then you are a dumb nooob and you need to go back to DOA/Smash and get the fk out of my SRK.

Any how these threads suck and most of you dont know shit about what you are talking about.

Oh and BTW GG is easy mode.

ST definitely. The simple fact of having to learn strict proper timing for all moves and insanely small window for reversals is enough to give the game my vote as hardest to learn.

It’s also the best one though so no complains here.

lol :rofl: