Hardest fighting game to master

Hi guys, which is in your opinion hardest fighting game series to master? A lot of ppl in a lot of forums say Virtua Fighter is the hardest, why In your opinion?
for me from hardest to easiest are:
-King of fighters series
-Virtua Fighter 5
-Street fighter series
what do u think about??? I am speaking for mechanic, hard combo etc not bosses…

1 there’s no such thing as mastery. The level can always go higher as evidenced by games with long life spans where the competitive level keeps getting stronger.

2 not all games in a series have the same barrier of entry or the same skill ceiling.

3 hard is relative to every individual player and what they find difficult.

Basically this question has no answer and anyone who gives you one is bullshitting you/pretending to know more than they do.

Mastery isn’t a definite, everybody has their own idea of mastery, so like IglooBob said, there’s really no such thing. Also, different people will find different mechanics easier or harder to click with, it really depends on the person.

Generally SRK FGD bans tests of opinions such as this thread. Please don’t create threads like this.