Hardest Matchups?

I have a really hard time against Chun, how do some of you guys play against her? (Talking about Chuns who know how to play keepaway)

Chun is a really tricky match up because all of Necros moves is basically out prioritized by her moves, namely hp. And if Chun hit you with her SA2 it’s basically peace out for you. But he has a couple of tools which, if used patiently, can pick her apart. They are:

C. mk - Goes under her fierce. Does a small amount of damage, but hey, at least it is something. Not sure, but I believe it is safe on block if done at the right distance.

Fierce - Vary from standing to crouching. If it is timed right you can hit her while recovering from a b.hp pretty easy, but don’t do it to often - well, not if she got meter, because if she block it -> SA2.

Flying viper - Use it if she likes to use b.hp on everything you do - it beats it clean and you’ll get a knock down. But if she sees it coming…

Snake fang - Great to mix up with and will get her in to the corner where you wan’t her. But be careful with it when she has meter.

Sj.xx Drill kick - Move in and fool her with these. Vary with immediately cancel them to cancel while being higher in the air (so that Necro hit’s her instead of landing right in front of her).

I believe thats all Necros got against her if she play a solid keepaway game. If there’s space between you and her he only has these things, and he is a true underdog even still - when he get’s close the game dramatically changes and his repetoar as well; but that wasn’t your question ey? Just remember to be PATIENT and grab every opening you get! Patience and solidity (is that a word?) is the key. Also, SA1 is without a doubt the SA of my choice playing against a turtle fucking Chun. I honestly can’t see how it’s not FAR superior than his other SA’s in this match up.

I hope this helps even though my crappy english.

Yeah I was thinking SA1 as well. I know the game is different when I get close, but Chun is such a pain to get close to >.< Ty for your tips <3

I have a bit of problems with this matchup too, but what I tend to find works best is to kind of play chun…chun style. Like basically turtle up midscreen and wait for them to make a mistake mixing up with drill kicks and fast pokes. Then when they’re in the corner WHALE on them. Game always changes when enemies are in the corner, and Chun has no anti air so pressure pressure omg pressure.

[media=youtube]wOuwb6GbmkI[/media] Example: Sugi vs Tokido

Thongboys got the right idea, but i think peoples inputs as to how to get her into the corner in the first place would help a lot more, because a) Thats the hard bit, and b) Thats where you can start winning). Drill kick spam wont work on half decent chun players because they can try it on with a parry, and do close rh after 1, the reset knocks you high, and from there she can begin her own mixup. You need to be cleverer than that. Waiting on her means she can punish command grabs with SAII, so id much rather not charge gauge myself at the start. I still need to do some testing of b.fierce properties versus her pokes, i think i remember a vid of a necro, maybe sugi, beating one of chuns pokes, it may actually be cr.mk:wow:

Turtle Necro vs Turtle Chun seems a bit unfair =\ When I get the chance to play some casuals with some actual Chuns I’ll try both approaches =) PinoAB7 is what I’m shooting for, but if I have to, Turtling may ultimately be the only option T.T;

everyone has a hard time against chun =p As for necro…its hard for a turtle necro to fight good against a good chun.Just gotta keep corner raping her ass…never let up :tup:

If you saw the vid on YouTube, I MIGHT know the match to which you’re referring…please lmk if this sounds familiar, but it was a cr. lk Chun did, and Necro beat it cleanly w/ a b+mk, I think (not a whiffed cr.lk). I think I bookmarked the match, so it might be worth examining if it’s the ONE :slight_smile:

I believe Chun can SA-reversal a cr.mk that HITS her O_O I didn’t notice that it said ‘reversal’ on-screen but it looked like it and I think I was trying to block immediately after hitting her with it. I don’t find cr.mk to be that good in general unless the other player is asleep, frustrated or turtling like crazy. Against Ken, I worry about getting dp-reversaled (sp). I wonder why 1 of my friends likes it so…haha.