Hardest video game boss ever


well i’m sure this thread has been started already. At this point I can’t think of anyone but i’ll be back later after I think about it lol. Please post your thoughts.


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I’d have to say that the hardest boss I’ve ever had to deal with is the last boss from the PS1 game Trap Gunner…
he’s incredibly hard, even on easy mode it took me hours to beat him…


Don’t they already have a thread like this somewhere in general dissusion.:rolleyes:


It’s ok, this guy is pretty stupid…but to humor him before the thread gets moved…

I see alot of people have trouble with Onslaught in MvC1, and Shin Akuma in Cvs2…I never see anyone have a problem with Abyss from MvC2, but I’m sure he’d be hard for a Guy like chen, so I dunno…


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onslaught?? that guy was hella easy.


ya the only bad part about him was he teleports away from supers. Still he was easy.


The mods are gettin lazy this thread is still here in tourn results.:stuck_out_tongue:





cota’s magneto was tough.


The hardest boss for me was Bison in the old Street Fighter 2


Well for me personaly the hardest boss for me has to be Super Akuma in Alpha 2, just the fact that he anticipates your next move or every move for that matter.:mad: :mad: :mad:


trap gunner owns and here i was thinking i was the only one who even know about that game <sigh> glad to know there are others out ther

and yes he was hard!


Any opponet in the last normal mode or any of the hard modes in Fighting Mania. Absolute boshit when fighting those guys…


The hyped up version of Gill is pretty hard,along with S. Akuma.
Or Cyber Akuma, or any Akuma. Bison is just outdated now…

not counting fighting games I say Sigma is the hardest (Megaman X4 and 5) boss. He would bring Onslaught and Abyss to their knees.:smiley:


I wrote this like a 3 weeks ago and still I see it here.:lol: