Hardware Differences Between Seimitsu LS Models?

I’ve been meaning to switch out my JLF to an LS in the near future and I know that the LS-32 doesn’t fit into the HRAP3 because of the mounting plate. Some people here have told me that an LS-56 works just the same, but I was wondering if there are any physical differences between the different LS models as far as the stick itself is concerned.

Is the LS-56 stick bigger than the other models (I’m referring to the shaft and ball-top) that it would feel different from an LS-32, or is it generally the same?

This is an issue I am curious about as well. How do the two Seimitsu sticks mentioned differ?

Look here for a general comparison of popular sticks.


With a bat top and octo gate, the LS-56 makes a pretty decent Japanese substitute for an American-style stick, if you’re after something like that.

The LS-56 is very tight with a stiff spring. It actuates very quickly when you move the stick. It is noticeably tighter and stiffer than an LS-32. Whether or not this is a good thing depends completely upon your preference. I personally think it is too stiff with the standard balltop, but feels pretty good with a bat top as you get a little extra leverage.

The LS-32 actuates quicker when moving the stick than the JLF, and is a little stiffer. I would say the feel is definitely closer to the JLF than to the LS-56.

None of these attributes are positive or negative attributes… they’re all good sticks; it depends on what works for you. Me, I am always fucking around with hardware just for fun. You can probably play well with a setup based around any of these 3 sticks once you’re accustomed to them.

That link helped immensely, thanks!

Yeap, likewise, I’m also always trying to switch my hardware around to experiment and see what gives me the perfect action for my gameplay. Guess I’ll see how things go

That’s some great info there, thanks for posting it. I’m considering modding one of my HRAP3’s with a Seimitsu stick, but it’s not really pressing, as the shmup scene on the PS3 is dead (Soldner-X notwithstanding, blech) and I want this HRAP to be my PS3 shmup stick.

What, 1942 not holding you over? (ha)