Hardware inside of MVC2 Arcade Cabs question


Hi folks,

I am planning to get a stick built for the re-release of mvc2 on the ps3/360 and I have a few questions.

1.) What exact joystick is used inside of the original MVC2 arcade machine cabinets? I checked one out at my local arcade and did not feel a “click” from the micro-switch when engaging the stick. so are they P360’s? Happ/iL Comps? or something else… kudos to the person who knows the internals of these cabs.

2.) The buttons appear to be Convex Happ Competition, is this correct?

I appreciate any helpful input… thanks! :rock:


They could be whatever the arcade operator wanted to put into them at the time, good chance the sticks on there now aren’t the initial sticks anyway.


wico P360s and convex competition buttons were on the cabs I played on.

my stick had a comp and comp buttons, because p360s are and were fucking expensive.


I have P360’s and just regular Happ buttons in my cab. I don’t have MvC2 in there but I do use it for SSF2T, MvC, and SFA3.

The P360’s are quite a bit more, but they are nice joysticks.


Do you gentlemen think that if I was to use an iL Eurostick it would be good?
I hear P360’s are a bit harder to work with, I dont mind shelling out the extra cash if its worth it ofcourse. can I swap to an iL euro if the p360 isnt to my liking?



I’ve got an optical 360 stick and happ convex comp buttons. nothing but love for it


I’d try the iL first… it’s under 10 bucks, if it’s not to your liking then get the p360. No sense in ‘trying out’ a 40 dollar stick if you’re unsure you’d like it.


Get American or Euro stick. Don’t get Japanese buttons or sticks, they’ll break easily with Marvel. Plus happ stick go back faster back to neutral because of the spring, that’s what you need for marvel. P360.