Hardware used at evo?

Im really noob to the scene so please bear with me.

I was wondering what kind of hardware is used at Evo PS2? or Native Arcade hardware?

the games Im interested in knowing are MvC2 CvS2 and 3rdS


MvC2 : Dreamcast
CvS2 : Playstation 2
3rd Strike : Playstation 2

Dreamcast ?
any specific reason? is it better than the ps2 version?

are the ps2 modded or something ? because I cant spot the machine load times on the videos (or they get cut out?)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast is the closest port to the arcade version.

ohh yeah of course because of the naomi hardware…

but how to get a dreamcast these days? :frowning:

When is doubt, use eBay. Please read every detail twice. If a deal is too good to be true, chances are, it is. Also, read the costumer feedbacks. Looking at the seller’s rating might be deceiving. You may also want to try Amazon, Amazon tends to be a little more safer.

I’ve seen plenty of Dreamcasts on Craigslist. You can also probably find a used one on Amazon. I have never gone wrong buying used games and stuff on Amazon.

Not sure about the availability of dreamcasts in europe but there should still be some floating around I would imagine.

We edit out all of the loading on the DVD’s - no need to include that nonsense.

Post some more pics of you know who and I’ll track down a dreamcast to send you!

^ :rofl:

@ the OP: try checking out the trading forum here on SRK. maybe someone is selling a dreamcast there


Anyway, If he can’t send you the Dc, you can try to find a cheap one at www.elotrolado.net (Spain Site) trading forums, I know there are a bunch of people selling old stuff relative cheap.


mvc2 was ran on a toaster

I was running on toad.

I just bought a new DC off Ebay 3 weeks ago…even has that new system smell!

Of course, since Evo is likely to drop some or all of those games, who knows what hardware will end up being necessary for next year?

I’m guessing either ps3 or xbox 360.

Is there anything else that is played on DC?

what was xmen vs street fighter played on?

I always see dc at the thrift strore

Supergun, I think.

Ya, ST is used on it when the CAB’s are down.

Hand’s down the best place to fin a DC is at a Pawn shop, Remember to bring a copy of your burnt game because not all DC play’s the burnt perfectly.

infact i got two from the pawn shop this year