Hardwood ultra low profile




I don’t get it.

Nice stick though!

you having someone else makes these for you as well?

looks good


thats not ultra low :wink:


how much and when? :smiley:

Thats right. Dom, I think your case height is about the size of the sanwa button.

+1 … what arr4ws said.

Oh god, sign me up.

I’m getting one of the mdf but I might have to grab one of these too. Way too nice.

Not sure anyone could go thinner than Domz. But the casing does look nice. :smile:

domz can you show us your ultra low one? i might have seen it in the custom stick thread but that thing is a beast to go through once, much less twice.

sorry but no thread hijacking for me… ill shoot you a PM

the bottom of my ls32 is touching the 1/4" plexi on the bottom

i figure i went with thinner bottom i can probably squeeze some more out of it

but i wanted 1/4" for the weight


can you link me to yours? i won’t mind looking at it…


PM sent


it’s my personal box… not really economical to produce in great quantity… I mention in my other thread that it will run close to $200 not stained or sealed


What did you use to polish the wood surface?