Harlem Sean Globetrotters



Bodler, I found your twin.
That smirk totally killed it!


I can totally see you pull that off.


There’s more types too.

the guy who can’t afford soap but can afford 6 kilos garlic


Taking the creep to another level



Lmao you gotta do the indian guys impression. It literally reminded me of you.


This is an easy pull for me. Although I am more used to the subtle art of creeping. I have lots of experience creeping in gyms using various techniques like mirror creeping, pretend to be using the treadmill next to the girl creeping, stall on your set pretending you are getting psyched up, while in reality you are just mirin the girl creeping. I have also employed the sunglasses wearing technique for close quarter creeping like bus rides, so they can never detect me mirin.

This indian gentleman is using no holds barred creeping and is straight up mirin the girl without any hesitation, this technique is the most satisfying but high risk of getting caught, unless you don’t care.


That is some next level creeping ability. “Big Bod Guy creeps on Strangers in public” - 40 million views







I did it for you Bodler


This foo RKf clearly does not know about the untold legends of Rucker Parks Globetrotter Sean. Needs to show some respect.


That dude that was speaking english and japanese sounds like he’s giddy all the time


Lmao. For real. No respect for the ballers who grew from the hood.