HarmoNaz's SBO Journal

Forum regular Naz is currently in Japan, preparing for SBO. If you want to read about his and the rest of the UK team’s experiences, go here:


I wish I was there :frowning:

nice one :tup:

i’m jealous

it must be awesome being there. wow, kuroda pwning everyone? is he even trying to qualify for sbo? heres hoping he wins the last chance qualifier!

Hah! 5 stars, easily.

EDIT: Oh and I demand footage.

I demand footage also XD

Kuroda beasting = good to hear. He better make the last chance quali’s >_<

The thread mentions a “special Oro tactic” which the Japanese apparently use on a “really advanced level.” I’d like to know what that is, in case I don’t already know it myself.

cr.rh (knockdown) -> taunt -> ex uppercut

EDIT: yeah im actually curious too, i get the feeling its nothing thats been tried before, trust me.

Boss’ only advice to me was - he pointed at his stick and held it in the down back direction… ok I get the message sad.gif <— laughed my ass off.

man i’m jealous