HARP 2 & SC 3 HRAP on play-asia.com

I was search on the web, happen to find out play-asia.com sales these 2 joysticks. Any of you thinking of getting it? What are the common you guys have on these 2 joystick.

The HRAP2 seems way overpriced as it still contains the same components as the regular HRAP (just a different top-panel, button-layout and colors) though considering it can only be bought from Hori’s online-store and shipped to a Japanese address (at least that’s what I’ve heard) before forwarding to Hong Kong I suppose it is actually pretty darned expensive for Play-Asia to stock them. If you want to buy it’d be a whole lot cheaper to go through TheRealNeoGeo on this forum, he has them for sale at $106 plus shipping (from Japan) I believe.

HRAP2 ownz everything as well as HRAP. I personally find SC3RAP pointless to buy, sorry. But HRAP2 - get it if you can.

Hori here,Hori there … we everybody know,that the best is only one true custiom build and pimped stick :devil:

Why is the HRAP 2 so expensive? I mean the stick is sanwa isn’t it? What about the buttons, has anybody a clue?

buttons are unconfirmed, but im going to go ahead and assume (which makes me an ass, i know) that they are the shitty hori buttons that were on the hrap and t5hori.

Mayhem is right TheRealNeoGeo is quoting ~$105+shipping from Japan. I’m still saving up some money. I went on a buying binge of DC Agetec from ebay. I should had stop on two.

Lol the HRAP2 is not worth getting IMO, the only thing that’s different is the button layout, I know it’s the traditional one they have on jap. cabinets, but still.

I rather get the SC3 stick, I think it looks real nice, just a change of the buttons and I’ll be good.

But I am saving up for an A-Stick.


yeah I want the A-stick too, the 2-player version. I’m hoping that NCSX will carry them because it would be so much easier ordering from them.

Yikes … the HRAP 2 is nice, but good grief that is expensive for a non-custom stick. My custom stick is 6-button, and I’m in the market for an 8-button stick (mainly for Neo Geo fighters on XBL), thus I am feeling pretty conflicted at this point. The HRAP 2 is nice, but I also enjoy eating … :sad:

Some info is here in Japan (http://www.hori.jp/products/ps2/controller/realarc_pro2/index.html)

I’m getting HRAP2 in the early future. What’s that A-stick, any link?

Think this is the A-stick, no?

Looks cool for tournaments or arcade set-ups at home!

I don’t know how’s it with you guys, but I preffer HRAP2 Top over the original HRAP, which is very vulnerable to scratches and fingerprints.

WoW, it looks awesome! I would like to have this arcade stick :wow:

but is the hrap2 top worth that much more money than the regular hrap top?

Awesome … I wonder if Play-Asia will sell any of those babies. :wow:

That’s one of my biggest complaints about the original HRAP. I need a surface that doesn’t show wear easily. I’ll probably be picking up a couple of HRAP 2’s in the very near future.

The HRAP2 really isn’t any more expensive than the HRAP…In Japan. The problem with the HRAP2 is that it’s only available thru Hori’s online store, so stores like Play-Asia have to buy the sticks from the Hori Store at the full retail price instead of getting them in bulk at reduced prices, and that cost is carried over to the buyer, because hey, the stores have to make a profit out of all of this. It may be a moot point though, since I’m sure the regular HRAP is going to disappear soon, so if someone wants an HRAP, the HRAP2 may end up being all that’s available. Hopefully Hori will see the stupidity of making it a Hori Store exclusive and make it more widely accessible, which should bring the price down.

It was [insert number]x100 said that TheRealNeoGeo offers good price and sends HRAP2 directly from Japan.

Too bad Sega Logistics messed up the button layout. =/

What’s wrong with the layout? Looks good to me, just use the buttons on the left side and you’ve got a JPN layout, my personal preference.

Anyway, I just pulled the trigger on a couple of HRAP 2’s from pay-out-the-ass-asia.com.

I’ll let you guys know how I like 'em when they make it here.