Harp ex 360 modding Q's


Hello,Im here because I need ask a couple Q’s about modding my harp ex,so bear with me and sorry if in wrong place.
**1.**I want to swap out the buttons that came with it for Sanwa,what size do I need?
**2.**Ive had this stick since 2010 and the usb cord got damaged,so I was thinking about switching to a neutrik-wa/b or a dual mod depending on which is easier.what tools will I need to install them
3.Is there a way to tighten the stick,or are there any parts that can give my stick a little more resistance?so it doesn’t feel so…flimsy.
**4.**What are all the tools that I will need.
Ty for you time and Answers.

  1. 30 mm Both Snap-in and screw-in buttons will work.

  2. Neutrik is just a USB port pass though, its a easy way for people to install a USB port in a device like a arcade stick.
    Netrik as nothing to do with dual-mods which is getting a stick to work on more than one console.
    Unfortunately the Hrap - EX (for the 360) main PCB is not common ground. You have to look into replacing the main PCB as well.

  3. Look up JLF spring mods in tech Talk or Slag Coin.

  4. Soldering iron, wire cutters, wire strippers just for the USB rewiring. You can skip the soldering if you get a terminal strip, I recommended the European style over Americana if you are going for the terminal strip. For the Netrik install you need a power drill, a 24mm drill bit (look for foster or hole saw bits, spade bits only work in wood) and a smaller drill bit for securing the Netrik with screws. You also need a Philips screw driver (cross or X shape not flat head) and needle nose pliers to open the Hrap - EX.

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