Harry Potter 7 and Clash of the Titans will be shown in 3D

Fucking Avatar. That shit did not feel good on my eyes at all, and I am so not looking forward to a whole slew of movies trying to cash in on the trend (these two, in particular, weren’t even shot in 3D to begin with, so they’ll have to be converted). Hopefully there will be some 2D versions available, or I’ll have to wait for Blu-ray and hope they have both versions on the disc.

Yeah what the fuck, bootleg 3d.

Will watch CotT anyway

I liked 3D and all, but my eyes were hurting halfway into the movies where I watched them (chirtsmas carol and avatar). I too hope for 2D versions

Harry Potter 7! good lord :rofl:

plz no more 3d. Shit was cool for a bit but goddamn I don’t need medusa’s weave popping right in front of my fuckin’ eyes. Being forced to wear clunky toy-shit glasses that don’t even fit well while watching a bad-ass movie is not the theatrical experience I pay for.

nothing hurt my eyes

3D is a gimmick and should be phased out.

thats what i said about MEXICANS
and canada listened…