Has a sanwa button ever completely died on someone?


I’ve never heard of a sanwa button go bad before. I was smashing the x button on my arcade stick doing a move in Tekken 6. Then for like 20 seconds I was no longer getting inputs from it. It was pretty much dead, then after that it started working again. I pressed it again like a thousand times to see if my x button was faulty, but it was fully functional again. It’s a pretty old button, I think i remember opening it apart and cleaned the microswitch and all that. Now I’m getting all this anxiety that this button will just randomly die on me in a middle of a match.

Is there any other likely problems? Maybe problem with my wiring or w/e? Any explanations for this ghostly problem :frowning:


I think you’ve answered your own question.


Problem solved, close thread.


But Gahrling, the harder you smash, the stronger the attack :stuck_out_tongue:


Pressure-sensitive arcade buttons could be mildly interesting.


I was using an analogy. Are you saying buttons are not meant to be pressed repeatedly? I was just wondering why my button died for like 20 seconds then started working again. I was asking a reasonable question here.


The first street fighter was only punch and kick, the harder you press the button the harder the attack was.


Interchange the microswitch with another button that you don’t normally use.
6 buttons is enough to play fighting games, so you should have 2 buttons to spare.


I think I’ll do that just to be safe. Tekken 6 only needs 4 buttons, and TTT2 only needs 5 :D. My arcade stick has only 6 buttons unfortunately.


I meant, like an OBSF-30 but pressure sensitive. Didn’t the original SF cabs have massive rubber buttons?


If you mashed the button hard enough, you could have pushed the switch out of the housing temporarily, and then it snapped back in. Yes, any button will eventually die, even sanwas.

Dont Mash too hard, or else this happens


found in this thread Button got inside my arcade stick


No, you were not; you were using a hyperbole.
Also, it’s a mechanical switch that you’ve been hitting for a while, did it come as a surprise that the switch would wear out?


The average Sanwa Buttons are like less than 3 dollars a pop and I or anyone have extras laying around, so people would sell them even cheaper or even for free on the trading outlet.


LOL the picture had me dying


At a conservative 20apm, playing 3hrs a day, a Sanwa OBSF will only last around 278 days before failure is expected.
Unless my maths is wrong.


Something similar hapened with me, many times, but it was always connectivity/cabling issues, not mechanical.
Anyways just swap your faulty button with an other one to figure this out.