Has anobody played WARZARD?

I’m thinking about buying this game on arcade… but i havent herd anything about it or seen any vids of it.

Anybody have feedback on this mysterious game?

seriously, i forgot it even existed until i played CFJ

Moreover, I had no idea it existed until Capcom Fighting Jam. Looks good though, I say go for it.

It only had 4 playable characters (Tao/Mei Ling, Mukuro/Kenji, Leo, and Tabasa/Tessa), and it had a weird RPG system which was kept by a password system. Basically it was just head-to-head with the bosses over and over.

That’s what I remembered from it, I only played it for a short while, some almost ten years ago. =x

It looked like a dream, and had some interesting features like buliding up the levels of your character RPG style, where they would learn new moves, and their appearance would alter. I think there were 6 (?) CPU characters you’d fight,including Hydron and Hauzer who appeared in CFJ. It was apparently made by Capcom as an experiment in making a fighter that was primarily 1p, rather than reliant on human competition.

Judging by the rarity of the board in English, I’d say it ain’t worth the bucks. It was taken out of the arcade here very soon after it went in, so it can’t have been that boom.

i played on it for ten minutes… the arcade got it in one day and within two days, it was gone… i think the guy there told me that less than ten credits on it in 2 days… pretty bad… they replaced it with SF3:NG, so that made a lot of people happy for a while.

can’t say i was a fan of it…

one thing people dont generally know is that the orbs in pocket fighter came from warzard.

I’ve always dreamed of playing this. As already stated it looked fantastic, there were some videos of this game in action over at snk capcom.com, but thier multimedia section appears to be down atm. Purely as an investment it may be worth getting because there is no other port of this game and the almost complete lack of progress on Emulating the CPS3 board, it actually has a mixed cd-rom - card system. I’d study up on it beofre purchase (market price, any concerns about the CPS3 boardlife), but would be great to have someone on the board who has this game.

See the SF3 NG entry down the page for more info:


Honestly - it’ll be the ONLY way you’ll be able to play it since there is NO emu for it or a console port.

Yes i played it many moons ago… got my ass kicked by knool?

What would be cool is if one of the veteran arcade players in a fighting game hotspot could post a detailed, in-depth account of the game, its mechanics and it’s failings (aside from the obvious 4 game character thing). I have magazines with pics and info, but nothing worth scanning. (typical journo crap, ie 'the sprites are really detailed and the characters are fantastical)

I fear however, that this thread will die without any more than the basics being divulged.

I did a LOT of homework on the game this morning before work - I’ll try and post up links and shit later.

Lookign foward to the links before this auction ends…

Just one of the reasons that i can’t wait for CPS-3 emulation. Honestly i’d NEVER ONCE heard of Warzard until the characters were featured in Capcom Fighting Evolution.

I’d like to play it but because its such an obsure title that never saw any kind of release outside arcades, outside of emulation its not really possible.

All I saw were pics, I’d really want to see how it is, like vids maybe.

Here you go m’man :tup:




look under capcom, then warzard/red earth. Three vids available:rock:

^I heard a rumor that Capcom were planning a sequel or a rehash/remake or something, but was then canceled- anyone got any info on this.

woow that was good , but they don’t show the “combo count”

i wouldn’t know if that combo links or not X_x

Can you play 1:1 vs other people in this or do you just team up? I think the game looks pretty intriguing, but dunno if it would be fun.

i’ve played warzard a long long long time ago. from what i remember, there was no 2 player mode at all.

if memory serves me… at the end of your game you could save your progress (points, magic, items etc) via a code they would give you.