Has anobody played WARZARD?

Everything about the game:




Artwork from the game, including beautiful scans of the amazing background stages:


Looking at those pics makes me mourn that lost era of Capcom creativity, when U didn’t know what lavish origonal 2d creation to expect next. What fantastical settings and characters they might have dreamed up. Makes me remeber the excitement of thumbing through to the ‘Arcade News’ section of games magazines back then.

Warzard really was the last time (in 2d anyhow) that you see Capcoms wonderfully idiosyncratic take on fantasy/sci fi genre. A tradition you can trace back through wildly inventive classics like Fergotten Worlds, Strider and Battle Circiut.

Can you imagine an alternate universe, branching off in early 1996, where Capcom had continued creating beautifuly crafted, origonal projects like this? A universe where the proposition for Xmen vs Streetfighter was laughed out of the design studio. Where Capcom had remained commited to progressive 2d excellence, and it was they, not Sammy, who had led the cutting edge into the 21st century.
What would we be playing now…


Um…most likely 3rd Strike with high res sprites. :lol:

For the last time Sammy doesn’t make games! Well games that are any good anyway. GG is made by Arc System Works, and RF is made by Dimps. Hell, they are rarely even Sammy nowadays, ever since the merger, they just use the Sega name for everything.