Has any one played Infernoz Rage?

i know he is boosting but does anyone know if he is good or not?

no he doesn’t boost his ranking. I played him a couple of times. He uses Blanka and he is really good.

how the hell den is his bp so high there is no way dat he is on 24/7

whats his bp? never pay attention to that, players are either good or scrubs. and he is average to good.

hmmmmm u dont play sf alot

not much sf4 sucks imo but i still can beat you my friend.

anytyme just let me know when u ready

He was blanka.

I think he boosted his rank, if you would look, i believe all three top players are all on each others lists…and they all start with inferno? That doesn’t look suspicious? It’s like they did it on purpose and set it up that way on purpose as a means to say “hey, look at how high we are, what are ya gonna do about it? NOTHING! LOL” =\

he doesnt boost his rank, he does something involving a memory card that makes it so he never looses BP

and no hes not good, neither is flame dome, or assassin 5 there all part of a little boosting group i got tricked into joining lol

Ha ha that’s funny, I just played Flame Dome in a G2 Championship match, he is not very good. Go figure.

I actually have inferno on my friend list… Last I checked, that was a chick… He/She is pretty good… She plays me in SF4 and Streets of Rage…

He has several accounts that all start with the word infernoz. No way he’s legit.

I’ve always thought that this guy was fishy ever since I made the jump to my 360. I noticed that he was ranked really high on the boards in a lot of the games I played. After going through a lot of the rankings ( I like to view that stuff), I’ve come to the conclusion that he boosts and that he does this in all his fighting games.

For example, in Fatal Fury, he has like 14,000 some wins and ONLY 10 losses. There’s no way that’s legit. I mean I’ve faced some pretty difficult people on there and I can’t see him getting only 10 losses if he’s played the game that much.

2nd example: Street Fighter II Turbo - The guy has a 800 some win streak. In that game, with all the good players that were on there when he was playing, NO WAY!

3rd example: HDR: Before the reset, he had a 350 or something win streak on classic mode. Why that mode? No one really plays that so it wouldn’t be hard to find another player/another account.

4th example: Street Fighter 4: After so many matches your points can only go so high and where does he find the people to play? It takes me around half an hour to find someone with similar battle points.

I played him in a G3 tournie the other day and was expecting a good, challenging match, instead I faced one of the worst Balrog’s I’ve seen online…and I was playing Sakura. He just sat in the corner waiting to Headbutt me the first round and the rest of the time trying to punish a few whiffed jabs with full screen dash punches. I figured he’d wise up and stop willfully eating Shuoukens, but he never did. It was only one fight, but I can’t say I was impressed.

same way joresiorex was was #1 and he told me had 4 xboxes…:wink:

I played that inferno guy once and beat him easy. typical sf4 player. meh…

Lol im good, trust me. 8,400 wins i know a thing or 2… Trust me when i tell u this i dont lose 2 half the people that claim to beat me and i dont boost i got 0% disconnect ratio.



This thread is awesome just kidding :looney:

I didn’t see anything wrong with the way he was playing. That’s pretty much Gief’s goal, is to get in on the opponent and fuck shit up. And besides it’s not like the other guy was in any real serious traps, any of those setups are easy to get out of.