Has anybody ever hacked a Saitek 3200 pad?

see topic…
so far i’ve hacked 2 of them, they are easy to work with and work just fine EXCEPT for the triggers… i tried everything and still can’t get them to work. when wiring them and testing for the first time they work just fine after wiring the potis as resistors for example, but after hooking everything up they only work once after plugging in and then stop working simultaniously. anybody have a clue about this?!

this is how they register in windows:



neutral being in the middle…

oh, and could somebody please post some pics or describe how their trigger/button assembly registers in windows when it works correctly?

well, this is strange, yesterday both triggers quit on me after pressing them both simultaniously. so only unplugging and plugging it back in solve the issue. later again the whole pad suddenly quit. after that it worked just fine for half an hour… strange.

now for the trigger layout, pins from top to bottom:

1: ground
2: wiper
3: signal

i took off the poti, wire the 2 outermost pins (ground and signal, maybe this is the problem?!) and glued it down to 10k resistance.
then wired the poti to 2 & 3 and the button to 1&2… where did i go wrong?