Has anybody heard of an interview with the development team of MvC2?

I mean was Sentinel intended to be slow and hard to maneuver which is why he has that stupid HSF that combos into itself?

Was AHVB an intended feature in the game engine? I mean it’s funny that you can hit both punches a little bit late and a super still comes out (wouldn’t the game register the hvb as qcf+pp??). I realize ryu’s qcf+pp has the same thing, but then Ryu has recovery?

Magneto is interesting cuz his hypergrav is escapable, but it’s not easy since even the pro’s mess up the escape. it’s like a balance fix of itself?? completely unintentional balance fix?

these are just some of the questions that are burning in my heart that I want to ask the design team of mvc2.

I mean…Tiger knees have been around for awhile. I have enough faith in capcom development to believe they realized that AHVB’s will chain. At this point, they already knew about guard breaks as well from previous games. Whether or not cable as we know him was intentional is a slightly different matter.

But if they knew AHVB would link, im sure they knew HSF would to. As soon as they gave sent the ability to xx c.FP, and its not just fly cancel, they had to know sent would be fast. If not in mobility then in getting the screen filled up.

I like to assume good faith on Capcom and think that they didn’t intend for any of these guys to have the absurd tools that they have. It’s common knowledge they tried to rush the game out the door and basically just made a character buffet from all the previous games. I mean, when a “god tier” is created in a game that generally means something is very, very wrong. I remember a friend telling me back about tiers, that basically God Tier = banned tier. This is like one of the few games people decided not to do that and I think it ruins and dwindles the span of the game.

On the other hand, I’m willing to assume that when they figured out all the shit people were pulling, thus creating a “god tier” they’d stay away from interviews as much as possible. :wink:

I just realized Oni-Suzuki worked on this game, CvS2, Project Justice and (I think) Vampire Savior. I wish I was into the scene back then; I would’ve asked him about this stuff. Then again, AHVB, Sent’s HSF, etc. weren’t figured out until a little later into the game’s lifetime.

interesting comments. I am non-plussed by capcom’s choice of character abilities.

i also noticed IronMan’s infinite was in MVC1 via war machine. It’s too bad we can’t get sirlin on a MvC3 project to work out balance testing. Or just a new vs game in general with more balance testing.

This isnt karnovs revenge (Ballooooooooon!!!) . God tier isnt banned because it is balanced within itself. If you think they werent prepared for crazyness when they released this game that is the opposite of having faith in them.

You honestly think they didnt realize they put instant recovery on both AHVB and HSF? Thats a really big accident to make.

Eh, if they made a marvel 3, it most likely wouldn’t carry on the same fanbase. You would either have to take away from the god tier, which would make high tier the new god tier, or else give everyone else broken shit too…oh wait, they already have it. Mobility is a big part of what makes god tier in this game. You cant just give gambit a n.jump infinite and expect any more balance. You cant just give chun her air super and expect her to hang with sent air to air.

Whats so great about this game is you can create your own balance through taking control of the match, which is very doable, however hard, in pretty much any situation as of now. After mags kills AAA, he rushes down for free -counter hits, kill = GB next char; broken? Chun vs. Sent - AAA; free ground trap, mixup leads to infinite (80%ish) after death next char gets GB; just as broken?

Hmmm. You have a good point, but Karnov’s Revenge’s tiers are far closer together than MvC2. You can get good with just about anyone. Besides, there’s so many ways around Karnov’s Ballon, at even moderate play it becomes just a prioritized overhead. I’ve seen Marstorious (sp?) knock him out of it with a standing chop. A tier list for Virtua Fighter has ratings from S tier to C tier. But it is so close together that it doesn’t matter. Draw a line that can only be seen with a microscope and is as narrow as the most finest of threads. That’s how far apart they are. In my eyes makes the tier list irrelevant.

I think you are right about the Cable thing; as I looked around after posting and saw Capcom had actually advertised this in their Solo Combo Exhibition #1 series for MvC2. So yeah, that’s really scary that they felt they had to do that. I’m guessing it was for flashiness and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t think Sentinel was meant to be able to abuse HSF, though; he had similar recovery time in Children of the Atom. This was probably just laziness and became abusable because of the multi-super bar. He could only do it once in the original game and they just slapped him in here. I still would like to think they did not intend to make a broken game…but maybe you’re right, my faith is unfounded. I mean, Sent’s Unfly mode is due to glitch…that’s laziness.

There’s nothing wrong with a top-tier. That’s how fighting games will always be. I just think they should make the tiers realllly close, or if they knew stuff could be abused like that why even bother putting in the rest of the cast? Balanced within itself? That destroys the point of a large character rooster. I can’t stand seeing so many nice characters being expelled from high-level play unless they have Tron or a God-Tier backing them. But I solely play low-tier only and don’t intend to compete, so I guess it doesn’t matter to me.

you know, funny thing is that cable isn’t even the main character of the game… ruby heart is.

and ryu, the equivalent of Namco’s DevilJin/Kazuya, blows.

do i want to see a super hadouken x5 with Ryu? hell yea I do. something different than this boring game of mvc2 which the only way peon tier can compete is with a sick amount of practice. if chunli infinite was as easy as IM infinite, i’d use her more, too.

sentinel is not a slow character, if played right.

and i find nothing wrong with HSF laser HSF

unless your talking about HSF to HSF to HSF via THC

thats just funny

what i meant was that the developers originally thought sentinel would be played slowly and hard to move around, which is why they gave him stupid stuff like hsf to hsf.

let’s see what’s wrong with HSF:
it does decent chip
it’s safe
it does a lot of damage
it links to itself
it attacks at perfect height to link to a large number of supers (hsf dhc headcrush anyone??)
it works as anti air in some instances
and half of the time , even if you escape, it’s a flipped coin whether you can hit sentinel out of HSF or not. nothing is more frustrating than you use mag/storm, air dash out and over hsf, but somehow sentinel hits you or you get tagged by the last set of drones.

sentinel is broken sht

its been a while but iirc, the game was beta tested first. Doom comes to mind as being altered on the market release.

Iirc, I think Sent had more firepower in X:CotA.

I understand your feelings on why-MvC2-Sentinel-is-such-a-bitch, but it would be odd to water this guy down just so that the other characters could have a better chance at taking him in match. I think it’s actually a lot more accurate if they attempt to capture what it feels like for an X-man or a Street Fighter to fight a Sentinel. From what I recall, when Sentinels were first revealed in the comics, there wasn’t an ounce of bitch in them (big-ups to DP lol). I think Sentinel was modeled rather accurately in this game.

I don’t think so. In Alpha 2 and Third Strike Akuma is depicted as being able to destroy islands and entire mountain ranges with a single hand. But they didn’t give him that ability, did they?

Also, if they wanted to be so faithful to the comics, realize that wolverine and Gambit could take Sentinels down in seconds after practice. Also remember that Magneto hardly ever touched anyone in CC, nevermind having a kick faster than the Martial-arts trained Wolverine! And Cyclops having a Shoryuken, flip kick and Chinese boxing attacks?! Huh?! He was physically fit, but almost always depended on his optic blast to do the work.

Anyway, screw canon if it messes up a game. I’d rather have a fair roster where I didn’t have to put 6-7 times amount of work into a character just to beat some overpowered Robot.

It wasn’t beta tested enough.

You don’t think so what? You don’t think the other characters are modeled in the game accurately enough to portray their comic abilities? That is debatable on multiple fronts, even though I was only referring to Sentinel’s accuracy.

Akuma: Actually, I was talking to my roommate a few weeks ago about whether game developers captured his full power given he can sink subs and islands with a single move. On your point though, I would say Akuma is a strong character in MvC2. He just doesn’t take hits well.

Wolvy and Gambit: You mentioned they could take Sentinel’s down like it was nothing after practice. Are we playing Wolvy and Gambit before or after practice? lol And have you just not practiced enough to take Sentinel out as efficiently as they can or should be able to, as you say. Most people seem to think Joe Zaza has put forth good time in the training room. All up to debate.

Magneto: In the comics, he just never had to (though I do remember him kicking the shit out of someone). You know he is fast, given his response time to assailant’s attacks as far as putting up his barrier or countering. Characters were shitting themselves simply trying to figure out how to work as a team just to get to the guy! It doesn’t surprise me, given his ability to levitate and move freely in the air, that he can air dash…

Cyclops: That guy is very agile. It doesn’t blow my mind that he can perform an upwards punch and then remove his visor to shoot a quick blast at the end of it. :confused:

I think some are modeled too accurately, and some not enough. The latter being Sentinel and the former being someone like Magneto.


You’re right, I need more practice, but I also like my games balanced. Its too late to complain; the games been out awhile. Just contributing to the thread.

Right, but that sounds more like a AOE or run-away character than a rush-down character.

I recall one episode where he lost his powers in this town and basically couldn’t do much, even against the normal humans. I would never really describe him as having much of a speed advantage, though.

This reminds me of conversation on youtube where a guy notes they were trying so hard to make the Marvel characters super-powered like the comics but just made the Capcom characters like they always do (balanced, not necessarily representing what they could actually do). This is probably why the Marvel side is overall better than Capcoms. Maybe they thought the comic geeks would complain or something.

I remember reading the game was made pretty quickly. No supprise here cuz of the madness IN the game.

56 characters to balance out.

capcom developers LAUGHED!


I think they just made Marvel ASAP to cash in on the dieing American arcade scene while they still could. The game is very good on accident, and I have no problems with that.

There’s a variety of fun ways to punish HSF.
Far-screen: Hyper Megaman, DHC to Cable just as the drones are about to hit. (You’ll get hit if you screw up the timing.)
Close: call your favorite assist.
Mid: duck and call any assist that covers your body height. They eat drones, you punish Sent.
Assist-less: guard cancel! (probably too hard for most…)

Sentinel’s spit (and lifebar) are the annoyances to me.

It’s hard to ever beta test anything enough. :tup:

well considering the marvel cast alone it would have been hard balancing it out you think it should be balanced. for whatever reason spiderman comes to mind against lets say sentinel. lets say you were to give him more stuff to try and putting him up with sent what could you give him when his arsenal is mostly web based? venom is more of a fighter than spiderman and cannon wise hes just as fast as spidey but hes slow. i think they did good on representing the cast.

i hate spideys terrible in this game on his own but he doesnt just need tron to be good. i think people are confusing balance with laziness sometimes.

If you look at the mechanics of some characters, you know they tried to balance a lot of shit out compared to previous games:

Characters Capcom obviously took the time to look at and say “you know, this shit is gay”:
Cyclops: Took out optic bullet canceled into optic blast
Chun: Took out air super and easy combo into senretsu kyaku
Gambit: Took out his infinite
Thanos: Don’t even get me started
Storm: Rapid meter building from XvSF, LA knockdown leads to infinite
Magneto: No Hyper Grav infinite.

In the end though, Magneto Storm and Cyke still benefited pretty well from the way the engine was made (through super canceling and whatnot). I’m guessing capcom had no idea wtf a Rom was though.

One could easily argue they tried to weaken Blackheart and Strider as well, but both also ended up having too many benefits from the engine. I’m guessing they decided to give Strider a few more weapons like teleport attack and faster recovery on animals after realizing how useless he would’ve been without it.

I always thought that Magneto was a mid-tier gone wrong. The dude can’t even do a magic series on the ground and he became the combo god.

Magneto-ROM-Hyper GrabxxTempest=not that great