Has anyone been paid for Revelations 2012 yet?

I got 4th in Mortal Kombat, and even after six months, none of the Mortal Kombat players have heard ANYTHING about the prize money.

I’m not too familiar with who placed in the other games, but I was wondering if any other placers had heard anything.

They made us fill out tax forms and everything, so I’m a bit worried.

Please chime in if you know anything.

  1. Are you surprised?
    1a. If you are surprised, why is that so?
    1b. If you are not surprised, why did you go and allow yourself to be put in this situation?

  2. (The more important question) Have you tried to contact the TO (don’t remember what his name is)?

  3. Fool.

Come on, is there any reason to be an asshole in this thread?

I’m just looking for information.

And technically in all of John Nelson’s events, the players did get their money in the end, so there was no reason to expect otherwise.

Currently I have not seen anyone who has reported getting their money from Revelations. Recently heard the Filipino Champ hasn’t been paid yet either, and he promoted the hell out of the tournament.

Ryan hart was talking about this the other day…can’t remember if it was revelations or not. Does this kind of thing happen often?

Damn, I wonder what the best thing to do in this type of situation is?

Don’t ever assist to a tournament by that TO again?

what, the end of time? this dude has controversy at every event he runs going on 3 years now!

Yeah I know, but most of the shady stuff was like consoles getting taken, badly run tournaments, or other weird things, the prize money was always payed out, so I figured it was worth the risk.

Still looking for info / confirmation.

Is that related to this?

Yeah, but that was closed a long time ago. I actually posted in that thread.

Thanks though.

No one has gotten paid. I even have his cell phone number and every time i try to call or text i get no answer or reply. So it looks like everyone is getting snaked.

I expected as much, but it’s still painful to hear it.

I wonder if legal action is even an option, and if it is, if it’s even worth it.

Also, since we know that he’s willing to take the money and run, I wonder if the winners should be worried that we gave him the information that we did on the tax forms for the winnings.

On top of that we don’t even know if he actually put those forms through, so that it legally looks like he gave us the money. In THAT case, we might have to pay taxes on prize money that we never even received, and we have no way of even knowing (as far as I know.)

We need someone with some legal knowledge in here =/

In reply to the post above:

There’s no tax impact to you since you didn’t get paid. It doesn’t matter to you whether the TO reported the payment to you or not.

If he did report it and didn’t pay you, then he’s lying to the IRS. That’s really dangerous if you’re busted for it. Which leads me to the conclusion that he’s not reporting the payment (supposed to be) made to you.

Being how shady the TO is, I’m assuming this is the likely scenario:

He’s not going to pay you because he’s not reporting it to the IRS. This way, he can avoid issues with tax authorities while still keeping your money. It’s legally safer to screw someone else over than the IRS.

<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“GetSalty”>In reply to the post above:

There’s no tax impact to you since you didn’t get paid. It doesn’t matter to you whether the TO reported the payment to you or not.</blockquote>

Ignore this advice. It is very common and legal to report payments not made. All he has to do is turn in the form that says he paid you. And claim he paid you in cash. It is very common when someone sues a company and gains ownership in the company, for that company to dish out phantom payment that never happened to cause the creditor to settle for a much lower amount. The IRS could give 2 shits if someone reports false payments, they have a reciept that says u owe tax, u owe tax.

That is obviously troubling.

I don’t even know how that works as far taxing prizes. How would I even know if he reported it or not?

Worst part is he will probably do it again. Use a new name for his organization, and this time leave his name out of the picture now that everyone knows it so well. Really wish there was some action that could be taken to make sure he can’t do that. Now I’m going to be skeptical of any new organization running a west coast major.

Good luck Chef.

so what happened? did anyone get a hold of John Nelson?

I most definitely haven’t.

As far as I know nobody else has either.