Has anyone been to the Six Flags promotional event in their area?

Was looking for some feedback on your experience. Was it crowded? A good number of setups? What kind of stick is provided? I looked up some youtube vids and the sticks like something I havent seen before lol.

The one in Largo MD (near DC) is starting in another couple weeks I think. I would go to that, but from the reports I’ve heard about the one in California, I can’t say I want to go anymore.

I heard they do provide arcade sticks, have to confirm which ones. Unfortunately I heard that they use laggy monitors so it’s hard to get a real feel for the game as far as lab work or playing competitively. I’m not taking my chances and going just to be bummed out by laggy set ups, but it’s worth trying since I hear they do provide arcade sticks.

If I get anymore news from my friend that went I’ll confirm for you, but that’s what I heard.

In the videos on youtube I’ve seen, they are using the tournament edition 2 PS4 stick from madcatz. Its the standard stick you see pros use at tournaments for ps4. It’s a high quality stick, I have one myself that I play usf4 and xrd on. Very good stick.

This is the footage i found and you can see those are not MCTZ TE2s lol. Idk what those are. Looks like some cheap knock-arounds.

I’m closer to Largo as well, and yeah I think I heard an issue with the setups being laggy, but I won’t let that be a deal breaker if the overall experience is enjoyable. Just want more hands on with the game really since the beta was a let down on the first try.

Is it free to play at Six Flags, other than the cost of admission into the park? Is Ken in the Six Flags build?

Its free to play and no he’s not in the six flags build, only everyone up to cammy and birdie

No ken in the six flags and it is free to play. On the weekend of your even they hold a tournament for 10 dollars if I recall, winner gets a t shirt and some other goodies, everyone gets a headband.

This was my time at my local six flags, was fortunate to get a few days off of work and have a season pass so I got a good amount of offline time with the beta build.

Tournament on Sunday