Has anyone bought anything from these guys?


Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these custom stick builders

The prices seem quite fair.

I’ve emailed them regarding a stick, just wanting to know if anyone has used em before. :smile:

they look very good if you ask me

Jesus that is unbelievable pricing. They could be selling those things well in excess of 200 nowadays.

Right Ive ordered mine! Pretty quick reply to the email :lovin:

Has anyone seen their real finished products? All the pics on their site are just computer generated images…

It says on the FAQS that they are going to be putting some up soon…but I have ordered mine anyways…so I will post a pic when I get it

Wow, ordering a stick with no pictures. Brave man.

well if its not like the picture then I will send it back…I’m a girl :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that is a little scary. I can’t find a single picture of a finished stick anywhere on their website.

“Q: Are the product shots real?
A: No, the product shots are computer generated using the exact measurements because we feel the shots look nicer, however we’ll be putting up some images of actual sticks very soon.”


I’m guessing you bought it cus you’re from the UK.

Goodluck, hope you get a good product.

So does this mean that they make shitty sticks that don’t look like their models or that they have a really shitty camera?

Do they use a pad hack for the chip controller or a proper chip controller?

don’t have to be brave when you’re a shill (maybe).

I don’t know but whoever’s buying is going to the Craps table.

Even great sticks wouldn’t look as perfect as a cgi shot. They could’ve just as well not had a camera or a finished stick when they put the site up. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt until they get picture up.

Looks like they’re getting some pics up soon, looking at the news flash on their page.

It’s odd though. They have a poll on the right asking where visitors have heard about them and SRK is one of the options. That indicates they have some sort of presence here and yet no-one appears to have heard about them…before this thread that is. Lol.

lol Smells fishy.

well…if they have some sort of interest in fighting games/sticks why would they not be here???

Also If they are…is it such a big problem? Would you trust him/her/they less just because they participate in this site and want to know if other people from here are interested in their sticks?

I see no problem with them coming from here. What do you think they are trying to do? Emmm…you don’t think its all down to me do you? lmao!

Lol. You’re completely missing the point. It’s not odd or a problem that they’d have a presence here. It’s odd that they put SRK as an option on the poll and yet seemingly they don’t have a presence here and nobody has heard of them.