Has anyone bought/imported a Vewlix cabinet?



I’m interested in buying a Taito Vewlix cabinet.

Coinopexpress out of Hong Kong have them for around $5K or so. Can Coinopexpress be trusted for purchases such as this?

There’s someone on another board that got two cabinets from within the US; I’ve PM’d him but he hasn’t responded yet.

Does anyone else have any experiences with importing this type of cab?

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i am looking for a L cabinet as well. i tried pming the aksys games member but haven’t received a response. i would also like some info.


Go to arcadeotaku.com and join. There’s a few members there that do group orders and can probably help you.


Only $5k? That must not come with any kind of setup on the inside. A Taito X2 can run you a few thousand by itself. If you do get something let me know the final price, I’m just curious as to what kind of shipping it will be.


I believe coinopexpress charge $1,000 or more for shipping a full size cab. I’d love to know if there is any sort of US-based official distributor but I haven’t been able to find one so far.


Yup, exactly right. Just the cabinet. Coinopexpress is selling SF 4 for $7,000 :wink:


Vewlix Cabinet

This cabinet is manufactured by the same company that produces the Vewlix Cabinet without all the Taito branding for $1600 plus shipping


Ultimarc sells cabinet to console system adapters for about $30



Do they sell that with a different monitor too? I don’t think that monitor is 720p.


I believe there was a post in the Trading outlet with a Taito BLazblue board.

I dunno much about actual cabs, so I don’t know if its what you’re looking for, but its worth a look!


another alternative


I found this, although it says location is Japan.



If you were on the west coast in Southern California, you coulda jumped on this



I’m interested in knowing if anyone has bought from this place as well. Not just for a viewlix, but any of their cabinets…want to know if they are a trustworthy business…


Coinop is a trustworthy place, they are just very expensive.


I’m very much interested in buying the Vewlix cabinet clone from coinopexpress.com. I haven’t found posts of customers which actually purchased one of these cabs. Here’s some Q&A that I had with coinopexpress.com yesterday:

And the second e-mail:

I noticed that the blue/black cabinet doesn’t come with chromed clips on the side bar. The red/white one has chromed clips on the photo, but the white makes it look less Viewlix-like. Has anyone in the meantime purchased one of these cabinets and if so, what are your experiences?


I haven’t bought a cabinet from them but I tried to order a “Fighting Layer PCB” which they had listed on their site. They claimed that the PCB was installed at an arcade and they had to talk to the owner before selling it to me. The arcade declined to sell it and thus I had to go another route to get my game.

Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did though :-\


I’ve ordered a couple of CPSII boards from them. They did arrive eventually, but I had to send them an email threatening to have PayPal return my funds. The claimed there was some Chinese festival there for a week which delayed my order.

My sense is that they are legit, but there is something of a language and cultural barrier.


Luckily they didn’t make you send money and tell you afterward that they can’t send it :nunchuck:


They don’t seem to accept PayPal for orders that are more than $500. I don’t want to do a bank transfer or Western Union because that would mean I send them money and hope for their mercy to send the cabinet. I sent them a new e-mail asking if there is any way I can use PayPal to pay them. If not, then I’d rather not take any risk and keep on dreaming about the Vewlix. A nice cab at home sounds great, but I won’t take unnecessary risks in obtaining one. I’m waiting for their response.

I wish some local retailer could order it for me and I would be able to pay him through PayPal. Over here, the arcade scene is totally dead and it’s very hard to find a supplier. I’ll try to search for one and contact him to ask if he can import that Vewlix clone for me.


Everything being equal, for what these things cost shipped it seems better off to build your own.

Even if you have to buy the tools it will probably be cheaper AND you’ll have the tools when your done.

There are at least two guides around here somewhere…