Has anyone bought/imported a Vewlix cabinet?


I was considering to build it, but the reason why I wanted to buy that clone is because it’s molded plastic and metal, not wood. That makes it a real replica. Currently, I play SFIV on my TV and if I’d go for a cabinet, I want it to be practically indistinguishable from the real Vewlix cabinet.


I sent an e-mail to Highway Entertainment. They also have the Vewlix clone for sale. The answers to my questions were as follows:


If you are really looking at buying a cabinet then head over to neo-geo.com and look in their forums for the next group buy. They get cabs in a dozen or two at a time and it has almost always gone over smoothly. Plus you have people in the community doing the work of getting in touch with the people overseas which makes things easier.


In addition to neo-geo, check out http://forum.arcadeotaku.com every now and then and see if they have some stuff for sale. I got lucky and was able to score 2 cabs from an SRK member who lived in Dallas. One was a Neo Candy 29 and the other was a Blast City (which now houses my xbox 360). Though neither is as nice as a Vewlix, they both have their own charm.

I plan to get a Vewlix (or maybe a clone) sometime in the future also. So hopefully someone can drop more information in regards to this.


What time of year was it?


I think it was around Golden Week (yes I researched their holidays). But my point was more that they should have told me that they would be out of the office, like with an email responder or something.


If you want to order a Vewlix cabinet, you might wanna try River Service. They are a reliable company and even make their own cabinets like the Delta32 and New Delta that are apparently really nice cabs. They order the Vewlix directly from Taito and have it shipped to you by Air which is around 800$ if I remember properly to North America but could be a bit less to Europe. I don’t know if they ship by sea though. If you message them they’ll give you all the info you need. I don’t know if they have the chinese clones though but whether you need a Vewlix or a Namco Noir cab they can probably get it for you. I know I had inquired for a Vewlix F and they can get them. A guy from Neo-Arcadia (french arcade site) ordered a Vewlix L from them and had no problems at all. They even wrote a lower price on the bill so that when it arrived they made him pay less taxes :P. Here’s the thread in case you were interested in translating it in babelfish or seeing the pictures: http://www.neo-arcadia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=15483. As for River Service, their website is http://www.rs2006.co.jp/overseas.htm.

If you decide to go for a Vewlix, you can get the L for around 4k I think, the F for around 6k, and the Vs (2L back to back) for around 7k. The difference between the F and L isn’t huge though and the L can be upgraded if you want but in the end it’ll cost you more if you get everything than buying a F. You won’t have the JAMMA adapter so the L only supports Type X software or you can put whatever console you want in it. There are also a few less lights and speakers on the L and the screen response time is a bit worse than the F but not by much. I think the F is at 6ms and the L is at 10-12ms. Most people who I have talked to and seen them side by side said that you can’t really see the difference. One guy I know who bought the F told me that if he had known he would probably have gone with a Vewlix L instead as what you get for the additional 2k isn’t really worth it unless you care that much about the color and lights, and all the older non-HD stuff doesn’t look as good on an LCD so you most likely won’t want to run old JAMMA boards on it. And if you are looking for something even better, you can also ask to get the 120hz screen instead of the standard one in your vewlix although I think Taito asks 3k-3.5k to buy it and have it installed but it has a 2ms response time if you are really picky with that kind of stuff.

Honestly if you are really looking to get a Vewlix I would recommend River Service. At least e-mail them for the info, they are very useful. The guy who imports almost all of the Taito stuff in Canada recommends dealing with them and from other people’s experience I’d say they are very reliable. You can order directly from Taito, but they don’t ship outside of Asia unless you order a minimum of 18 cabinets. The last group sale that was going on in North America failed because there wasn’t enough interest. There were supposed to be 36 interested buyers, and in the end, less than half confirmed, probably because of the high price of those cabs.

Also I forgot, know that if you order a Vewlix L, it comes standard with a 1 player panel and you’ll have to order a 2p panel although I think they are easy to find online.

Anyway, that is most of the info I have right now. If you want to know more, you could message River Service. Just know though that they’ll really try to sell you a New Delta and always remind you of it in their e-mails but of course it’s their own cab so more profitable for them but they can get you a Vewlix no problem. Most likely where I will be ordering mine when I have the money next year.


Thanks for the info evildede. I’m exclusively interested in the Vewlix clones because I want to use my PS3 for it. It’s the housing/cabinet that I need + monitor, not the JAMMA hardware inside. That’s why the Vewlix clone is the only option. $800 shipping is more than I’m willing to pay. coinopexpress asks $350 shipping. I’ll look around for more sites. I asked a local dealer if he is willing to import it for me and he didn’t want to.


I am also looking at some of the clones to hook my xbox360/ps3 into. I am really concerned about the monitor though. Is it the SAME moitor that they use in the Vewlix F?

The Vewlix L uses a TFT LCD TLK-320Y monitor (I believe this one lags a bit)

The Vewlix F uses a Sanwa LCD T32H075(KA) monitor


Here are the specs of the Vewlix L monitor:


The Vewlix F uses Sanwa LCD T32H07S(KA)

You can easily hook up 360 and PS3 on both Vewlix F & Vewlix L

Its a lil easier on the Vewlix F

on the Vewlix L you would need to buy an HDfury cause the monitor doesn’t have HDCP

the Vewlix clones uses taiwan made Qimei monitors.


It’s a Qimei monitor as shinshoryuken says and has a HDMI-input. I asked 2 dealers about this who sell them.


I’d love to have one of those vewlix clones.

It looks like it’ll only be a matter of pad hacking or cthuhlu to get it to work for the 360 or ps3 if it’s got hdmi.

The same chick from highway.net told me the follwwing:

My question

Man shipping and customs is a bit*h, almost 1K USD to get it to Sydney.

If only i had 4k to drop… what can i sell and how can i convince the CFO (aka better half :D) to drop 4k on something that has no real benefit… (i already play on a 50" plasma, got all 3 editions of sf4 on all platforms and two TE’s… yet i want to drop 4k on this… hahah yeah explain that to her :wink: :D)

The other cabinet that she linked looks like a namco cabinet clone, i don’t like the control panel though, i wonder if it’s possible to get a control panel like the namco for it, if it is, i’d go for that as the other alternative.

This is the XBOX 360 control panel that is apparently “plug and play”




Thats one ugly cabinet and control panel…


don’t you like the namco cabinets for tekken 6?

Agree on the control panel :slight_smile:


in person they look pretty ugly.


I actually prefer noir cabs to vewlix. Though the vewlix is admittedly sexier, the noir control panel is at a more comfortable height. Plus I don’t really favor the vewlix layout.


The height of the control panel is a preference thing, and the vewlix can actually accept different control panels, like the sega panels.


All this being said… Is it possible to get a Vewlix clone shipped to your door in the USA for $2000? Thats the most I’m willing to shell out for one.


coinopexpress.com sold them for $1365 + $350 shipping but they raised the price to $1650 and now they lowered it again to $1515. That’s not including the taxes. I don’t live in the US so I can’t tell how much customs tax they’ll charge you. A lot of people want this Vewlix clone but for some reason, barely anyone imports it. Unless you pay them in advance. If they would deliver it to my doorsteps and let me pay through PayPal for a total amount of $2000 I’d buy it today. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.


My question is…DOES the monitor on the clone have INPUT LAG (this is different than response time). The Vewlix L monitor does but the Vewlix F monitor does not. This is a make it or break it deciding factor for me.