Has anyone bought or purchased anything from Godlike Controls?


Hello All of the FGC,

I recently put in an order to Godlike Controls this weekend for the new Remora and Arc Eye 3 Led hardware has anyone ever ordered from them, and what is the turn around time. I haven’t received any emails about them receiving my order. although it was just this past weekend…

Any leads…or past buyers from Godlike controls???


Great customer service, turn around time depends on if he has them readily made, but no need to worry you’ll get your things :slight_smile:


You should have received a fairly immediate email (since it’s automatic) with the Paypal receipt. Marcus is generally quick about creating a tracking number, but as it’s the weekend he might not do it until Monday, not sure. You’ll get another email from Paypal when he does.

I’m in Canada so shipping sucks in general, but I think it still got here within a week which is good.


Your kidding right? Try doing research BEFORE you buy.

Your about to get screwed! Toodles rips people off!!!

J/K just about the most reputable dealer here. I’m messing with ya cuz im offended you asked.


i’ve never bought from gdlk site but i’ve directly ordered numerous boards from marcus (aka toodles) in the past.
i agree with everyone here, no worries you will get your stuff quick. try to pm him to check your order status.


How far was “recently”? Usually you’ll get confirmation from paypal that toodles received your money

Perhaps in a day or 2, you should get a notification from paypal saying your item has shipped along with a tracking number.

Just wait…


i think EVERYONE with a modified stick has either ordered from Toodles or had parts made by toodles in their stick…if you’re stick is dual modded…it’s from toodles…


The guy is amazing with customer service. Hands down. You will not be disappointed with a purchase from his site.


One of the best in our community. We all love, trust and respect Toodles, his store and his products. :coffee:


Godlike Controls is what powers the FGC.


Ordered from him, got shipped the next day. USPS screwed up though.


A Toodles customer service thread is instant classic.


Have no fear, Toodles is here!


Godlike controls is godlike. I’m pretty much sure anybody in tech talk would vouch for Toodles.


My only complaint was that the shipping for my 6 allen screws was almost 3x the price of the screws, but I couldn’t find purple allen screws anywhere else.

These guys are still solid, in my book. Toodles is like no other in the mod business.


The better question would be, has anybody not purchased anything from Toodles.


No worries at all. Verry professional.


Toodles and Godlike Controls are fantastic.

This can never be said enough.