Has anyone built an arcade stick with emulator built in?


I was sitting here messing around with mame and fba on my USB drive I had the thought, “it would nice to build a pc stick that has a USB drive built in with my favorite games”

Has anyone ever built a stick with a USB drive inside? Where u plug in the USB cable and both the stick and USB drive are recognized?

Any insight and direction would be appreciated.


It has been done, yes.

Gummo makes many of them, in Gamepad form.
Same to do for Arcade Stick.


There was a company a few years back (2007-2008) that built custom sticks with the emulator inside. They were called Arcade in a Box. They stopped the production of this type of stick when the SF4 craze hit and just did custom sticks. I don’t know their current status.


Nice. Is it fairly simple? I figured a small USB hub could be used somehow. What’s up j? Sending out that package next week


It shouldn’t be too bad if I’m understanding you correctly. All you would need is a small usb hub and a long usb extension cable (unless you want to sit 3 inches from your pc). You can take the usb cord from your stick and hide it inside the case, plug the flash drive and arcade stick usb into the hub and then finally plug the extended usb cable into the male end of the hub.

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I’m working on one with Raspberry Pi.
Idea is that you have a wireless reciever to a keyboard and mouse… The stick plugs into it on the inside, and out the back comes an HDMI port that goes right into a TV or monitor.
The wireless kbd/ms navigates you around the OS.
The problems I’m having is 1. finding a good emulator that will work with a decent amount of games on the low specs of the unit - 256MB RAM for example, and 2. figuring out a good way to power it.

If you don’t know what Raspberry Pi is:


U know, if a dingoo could be hacked into an arcade stick, it would be something u could hook up to a tv and play


That’s true. I chose the RP because it’s cheap, and if I screw it up or run into a wall, I’m can reconvert it… If I bust open a Dingoo, I’m SOL.


That’s along the lines of what I had in mind. Admittedly I was thinking of rigging the hub and USB drive outside of the stick case but inside would be neater.


I’ve seen these before but never understood what the point would be…It would be pretty heavy to move around especially if its a 2-player setup. I mean there is always the option of a laptop & an arcade stick…If you want to connect to your tv use a vga/hdmi & your done…


anyone ever worked with these? I’ve seen someone on youtube make mini-cabinets out of em too, seems like a nice cute project to work on… game selection is bleak though unless you’re a fan of genesis games.


edit - also 3 button only… and they don’t even have any SF game in any of the versions…


ive seen this one



Who isn’t a fan of genesis games.


Seems like with capcom being so money-hungry, they would put together something similar to that genesis arcade stick. In the meanwhile, i will be trying this. Are there any pics/links of SRK members’ sticks with this feature?


Ive done several mods with putting usb thumb drives into pads. Could easily do it for an arcade stick, but Im taking it one step farther with one of my current stick projects.