Has anyone checked this place out before

The other day a friend of mine showed me this site.

I thought it was tight it had alot of small tutorial videos for each character depending on which groove though, it only had mostly a-groove or c-groove vids.

If you wanna check it out go ahead give it a try you may like it.


The C-Akuma combos are the best. Gotta love those juggles. Everything else I’m not too fond of. Ken cross-up j.MK, d.LK xx Shinryuken?

Some of those A-groove combos are ugly too. The Japanese guy did the Ken masher combo, ended it with a hurricane kick into super. I wanted to see an anti-air custom or the ground custom ended with dp+HP xx rdp+K juggle at least.

edit: Oh no he didn’t… The A-Maki combo the guy who made this site recorded himself doing is CC, far s.HK x n, super. :tup:

Well I haven’t seen all of them yet.

So far I liked the c-kyo ones and c-akuma ones those were dope.

The best a’s I’ve seen so far is prolly terry’s I thought those were sick.

the bison combos are dope thanx for the post

Does anyone know what the star ratings are?
I figure the 2nd one is damage, and I think the 3rd is usefulness?

I still dont understand how the C-Kyo cancels work. Every time I do the lvl 2 orochinagi off the qcf+lk launcher kicks, any cancel I attempt either whiffs or only gives me one hit. Is there specific timing to it or is that a difference in the PS2 version?

No Prob. :tup:

old shit

Holy shit

Has anyone seen the O. Iori one? I didn’t know he could do whatever he wanted after his second rekka. Mid screen he can even connect a level 3 super… I used to think he sucked because they took away his scum gale but that’s pretty sweet… he can even connect his lvl 2 midscreen although harder

Damn most of these combos are more damging then I thought.

Rock has some daming stuff wit his c-combos so does dalshim as well, I’m amazed.

thanks to kiki’s kanji dictionary…

  1. difficulty
  2. damage
  3. realistic opportunities to use
  4. meter required

edit: the order is different for some chars, i think :confused:

u are canceling it to early and use hk instead of lk.

I havent seen them all but I stoped when I saw ryo’s
jhk s.hp qcf p

That’s some good shit right there

Nice Stuff! :tup: Haven’t seen em all but that’s a priority!

the real question is

why is he playing on the xbox version?

dun dun dun

4 on combos that aren’t on a specific groove or don’t use meter is meter gained, I think. Look at Ryo’s non-groove specific combos. They don’t require any meter, but the second combo has 3 stars while the first one has 2, and if you look at the meter the combo with 3 stars gains more bar.