Has anyone dealt with Lizard Lick Amusements?

I found there (http://www.lizardlickamusements.com) the JLW-UM-8 Bat Handle Joystick that I was recommended on the Red Octane thread earlier in the week. It seems failry reasonable at $20, but I figured I should ask if anyone here has done business with them.

Ive done business with lizardlick just recently. Actually the service was quite awesome. I ordered 2 sticks, and 16 sanwa buttons from them and they came two my door in 2 days. I live in san diego and considering theyre from NC it was cool. :wgrin: I recommend them.


+Rep for sharing the link!

First time I see it too…

Kinda expensive.

Well, last time I ordered from overseas, the prices were a lot higher when including shipping on the japanese parts. I know ponyboy has some good prices and fast shipping, but this place seems to have some things like the JLW that I haven’t seen much of.

I just searched online when i was told about the JLW’s to replace my red octane. Prices eemed fair, seeing that they didnt come from over seas. I looked at ponyboy, but he wasnt carrying them, and akihabara was a little too pricey for just one stick that i need. Besides, I dont have paypal so i cant use akihabara:( I guess ill put my order in soon with the lizard one.

Thanks for the rep!

Yenno, since I was so satisfied I made a new order just now.

1 - Blue JLF stick
6 - Blue OBSF 30’s
2 - Red OBSF 24’s

Grand total: $59.50 (including shipping)

If youre in the US, Priority mail will get it there in 2 to 3 days for $6.44…well at least for a set similar to mine. I guess if the business gets more customers he’ll get more stuff and a better selection. Since Himura has been MIA its good to see some sort of domestic alternative for some Sanwa parts eh? Little bit pricey but I get it in 2 to 3 days as opposed to two weeks or more from Akihabara shop. Love the selection but the wait is just ehhhh. I say go for it.

Quick update and bump…

I ordered my Sanwa JLW-UM-8 joystick from them on thursday evening. It just came in, well wrapped and protected. It was prompt (I am in TN) and the price was just right. The stick is soooooooooooooooo awesome compared to my old stocker. I recommend them. I’ll go to them when I build my next stick for sure.

Hopefully if they get more orders, they will start carrying more Sanwa/Seimitsu parts so we dont have to send for them across the globe:)

Bump. I ordered 2 sticks and 15 buttons from them yesterday morning, and I chose the more expensive UPS Ground instead of their USPS Priority Mail. I thought UPS ground might get here quicker, and I need these parts before July 20th.

I have recieved a receipt in the email, but it has no tracking number nor does it say my order has been shipped. Did they send you guys an email saying when it was shipped? Or did the parts just show up at your door unannounced?

You will recieve an email informing you of when it is shipped and a tracking number.

You should always choose USPS Priority Mail over UPS ground. Priority mail is 2-3 days within the continental US. UPS ground could take far longer.


99% of the time, you will get tracking info after the item has shipped, or in the case of UPS, after it has been packed, labeled and scheduled for pick up. If you want to PM me with your real-world info, I can double-check to make sure your tracking info got entered. Oddly enough, that 1% that I miss sometimes is usually UPS, hehe…

Yup, that’s what we shoot for…

Definitely! I can get a package damn near anywhere in the States in 2-3 days. If you are on the West Coast especially, you want to go Priority. There really is no benefit to using UPS, it generally costs more (usually twice as much as Priority), and takes longer if your not on the East Coast. Unless you like the fact that you can track it every step of the way, I’d stick with Priority…




Timing :rofl:

Hey Level 32, on a side note I am in Nashville we should play some time, but for your question I have ordered from Lizardlick 3 times over the past year and always get things shipped fast with instant order confirmation so there is never a hassle. Many people on NG.com have ordered from him with no problems at all. I would be suprised if you found anyone with this good of a reputation. I have a feeling it will become the number one place to get Japanese parts in the US.

Thanks Chad. :smile: I spoke with you on the phone this morning. Everything seems to be in order, and being on the east coast only two states away, UPS is gonna be pretty quick luckily.

I don’t order things on the internet too often unless it’s from newegg, so I’m used to same day shipping and next day delivery lol. That’s why I was curious about a tracking number even though it was only like 24 hours after I ordered. =p

We’re good, but we’re not that good… yet :smile:

Holy crap, I live in San Diego too and I ordered almost the same stuff, but it took me a full week to get it… (just arrived today) What kind of shipping did you opt for? I chose UPS ground, maybe that was a huge mistake?

Wow, it never took me more than 3 days to get my stuff. Even if I decide not to do ground delivery. :rofl:

I sort of assumed UPS would be faster than USPS, but if USPS Priority goes by air, then it would make sense that it would come faster. It was shipped out the morning after I made the order though, thanks Chad!

You’re on the west coast, so UPS ground takes way longer to get there… I can’t say it enough: Priority Mail rules. I’m not sure if my guys in Hawaii read this thread or not, but I would be willing to bet they got their stuff in about 3 days…

What you guys don’t see is me shaking my head when I see an order come in with UPS as the shipping choice… costs twice as much and takes twice as long (unless you’re on the east coast)…