Has anyone done a Dreamcast shell swap?

I’m just curious how difficult it is. I’m thinking about picking up a Japanese Dreamcast system, and I’d like to get one of the translucently-colored shells to put it in-- as long as I’m confident that I’d be able to do it without messing anything up. I don’t have much experience cracking open hardware.

Also, will I need some kind of power converter to play a JP Dreamcast here in the States? Does anyone have specifics on that?

TIA. =)

It is not difficult at all. There are 4 screws on the bottom of the unit. Three on the sides, and one under the modem itself. Once those 4 screws are off, the top half simply comes right off.

Once inside the optical assembly is held in by 3 gold screws and the metal shielding is held on by another 4-5 screws, not sure about the exact number. then the motherboard screws are accessible.

It sounds complicated, but none of the screws are any funky shapes or hidden in any way. It is very straightforward.

Thanks. I have gotten down to the powerboard a few times to flex those four pins for the ‘reset issue’ that some Dreamcasts have-- I just wasn’t sure to what extent I’d need to disassemble the system in order to put it into a new shell. It sounds like everything comes out pretty easily and goes back in in the same fashion.