Has anyone encountered loss of rewards in the game?

Hey guys!
I apologize for the wall of text ahead. I ran into a weird issue just now while taking care of normal mode survival. I was going through it with Chun Li in order to unlock her colors, and I was playing with fight request on.
Upon finishing stage 30, I was awarded fight money and colors 4,5 and 6 as you would expect. So I go into the character select stage to check the colors out. To my surprise, color 3 was missing which was odd because I’ve finished easy mode with her and color 3 was the one I was using while playing survival. Another weird thing I noticed was that all my fight money was gone. I had roughly 190,000 and expected to be pushed into the 200,000s with the completion of survival but instead I was down about 17,000.
I decided to restart the game. Once logged back my profile read that I was back at the fight money I had before completing survival. I check Chun Li and color 3 is back but 4,5 and 6 are missing. I check survival and it shows I’ve completed normal, then I check rewards and it shows them all listed.
Has anyone run into an issue like this before? And if so were you able to get it fixed? I’m wondering if I’ve completely lost the colors.
TLDR: I completed normal survival my rewards were given to me then they were taken away.

Hmm… Have you done any ragequitting and had your LP lowered too? If so it might be related. If not then I have no idea lol

Nope, no rage quitting. My LP is the same.

Lots of random shit happen in this game. My Fighter Profile shows someone I fought 2 days ago, for instance.

Me. I have completed story mode and survival normal with F.A.N.G
The character should be at level 12. It’s still at level 8 and there is nothing I can do to recover the lost experience.