Has anyone ever bought a stick from FocusAttack?


They ship to canada and have good prices on the TE(s)


but I’ve never heard of them and I’m not sure it isn’t a scam.


They look pretty legit judging from a quick search on SRK and looking at their twitter account.

They currently have $10 off coupon that expires on the 31st for international shipping.

Found it on this thread: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=222407&highlight=focusattack


Shipping pretty much kills the deal for us Canadians. Shipping is $37.50 + $3 handling + you might or might not get hit by customs.
I just went to the check out cart to see how much it would cost, and total came up to $155.49- $10 off coupon = $145.49
It’s basically like buying a new one for regular price @ EB games/Gamestop lol.


ebgames is $189.00+tax


Really? Hmm, I guess the price went up.
Last time I checked, the Round 2 TE’s were selling for $139.99 @ EB and amazon.ca. I guess that was just a one time sale, then prices went back up as soon as SSFIV got closer to release date lol.