Has anyone ever calculated character win percentage

in regards to major/semi-major tournaments?

Like maybe a team consisting of X/X/Sagat has won %60 percent of american majors/semi-majors in the 4 years CvS2 has been out.

Sports analysts do shit like this all the time.

A- Bison Sak Blanka, any order.

in america? not a chance. how many really good american players do you know use that team besides nestor?

slowly raises hand

josh wong uses that team also when he’s not playing K-groove.

this post made me smile today ^^

There are too many wongs in the world… Josh Wong, Justin Wong, Gene Wong…=/

now you’re just adding names for no reason… who the hell is gene wong

anyways in response to the first post.

tourneys in seattle are won by lifetimeboy p-blanka/cammy/sagat i think or maybe he uses kyo now i dunno

tourneys in norcal are won by ricky or choi so a-sak/vega/blanka and c-guile/ken/sagat

tourneys in socal are won by combofiend so a-rock/rolento/eagle

So on the west coast for the last year of all the big tourney winners

75 percent of winning teams use sagat
50 percent use blanka
25 use rock rolento ken sakura vega cammy
0 percent use bison

50 percent use a, 25 percent use p and 25 percent use c

using this as a base you can add all the side winners and better players in
in norcal kim uses c-rolento/sagat/blanka leezy uses k-rock/cammy/kim buktooth uses n-iori/morrigan/hibiki
in socal evil elvis uses a-sagat/bison/sakura i think, watson uses c-sagat/vega/chun, pigadoken uses p-yama/sagat/cammy

so yeah… calculate something out based on these and we’ll see where it goes from there =)

god damn encyclopedia brown and shit

wasnt there a japanese website with a win table for certain characters on certain grooves? does anyone have a link to that?

I’m Gene Wong.

I use THAT team. =/

a-are in the US all suck

We’ll see at evo.