Has anyone ever painted their buttons?

i’m in the proccess of gathering all my supplies to make a stick.

just wondering if anyone has tried painting their buttons or ball tops. so then i won’t have to worry about what color parts to get since i haven’t decided on a color scheme yet.

I’ve used vinyl dye on plastic before and it works very well. is there a reason why i shouldn’t paint buttons?

i would imagine all that blood sweat and semen would rub that paint off quicker than a polish prostitute.

lol. I’m no paint/dye master, but I think if you use vinyl dye, it doesn’t come off because the actual plastic sucks in the color.

And if that’s true, then I don’t see why you couldn’t buy white buttons and dye them, plowmanjoe. But again, idk. Maybe you’d have to take them apart so you don’t mess any of the switches/electrical stuff up.

Best quote ever! :rofl:

Yeah, basically i wouldnt wanna paint buttons.

I once painted a mobile phone fascia and it never quite dried, it was always sticky.

I’d hate to think of how shit it’d be to play with buttons like that. :confused:

i’ll most likely won’t be going the paint route. but i think i’m going to be trying the vinyl dye.

how hard is it to take apart a sanwa button so i can spray it safely?

interested to know too. :slight_smile:

It’s very easy to take a button part…just push the electrical switch up. There are tabs on the side of the switch and the button itself. Push those in and push the hole thing up. Very easy and simple :slight_smile:

I have painted buttons and they turned out great. I just used glossy acrylic paint.

It should be noted that I only painted one part of the button. I painted the rims of some and painted the centers of others. If you paint both parts of the same button, it will feel like crap when you reassemble it.

If you use good plastic spray primer and paint. Then there should be no problem. make sure you sand the buttons down before priming with 200+ grit paper to get all the gloss off. Then prime one or two coats. Then paint three or so coats. make sure you do all the priming and painting with in about a 2 -3 hour session. If you leave the buttons to dry too long between coats then the top coat may rub off with use.

I’ll add that you will want to at least sand down to the thickness of whatever paint you want to apply. Otherwise you might change the feel of the button because the plunger would be too tight in the hole. I wouldn’t sand it down too far either though because then the button would be too loose.