Has anyone figured out the hitbox weirdness in this game yet?


I was testing meaty mk cross-ups with Ryu in training mode and for some reason they would whiff occasionally, depending on where on the screen it crossed up and where or not I moved the controls. It’s not an execution error because it’s setup recorded and played back through the dummy. It’s a true meaty because you can’t jump, crouch, or attack. (However, it seems that crouch blocking during wakeup cancels part of the rising animation so you recover one or two frames quicker, which allows you to squeeze through a useless normal that will get counter-hit. This might be useful for characters who have dodges with invincible startup though.)

Seems to happen a lot against Chun Li. I recorded it frame by frame and you can clearly see the cross-up whiffing when it should hit. My theory is that there is an invisible grid on the playing field that the hitboxes align themselves to and if the player is not exactly in line with the grid, the hitbox shifts to the closest neighbour. This could possibly explain why some combos work in the one corner, but not the other (same with cross-ups). What I don’t understand though is why touching the joystick would affect the hitbox. Sometimes if I move the stick while waking up, the cross-up whiffs and it will continue to whiff (on one side, or sometimes both) unless I move it again.

Anyone have more info on this? I know that Fuerte can dodge Chun’s unblockable setup by not touching the joystick as he’s waking up, but can he jump? It could just be that that setup forces you to block if you hold a direction and that increases your hitbox size and makes you get hit by a double cross-up.


From my experience, hitboxes collision is VERY random in SF4 considering it’s importance in a fighting game.

A concrete example : i wanted to know the exact range from which I cound hit Zangief with st.LP. The edge of Fei’s fist not really touched Zangief. But i stood there with not moving at all and just mashing LP. Most light punches whiffed but then one randomly hit depending of which part of Zangief’s animation was active.


This part has been more or less figured out. As characters “breathe” their hitbox changes. Typical examples or Dan or Rufus. If you leave them in their idle state you can see how they move back and forward. This doesn’t affect gameplay, but I think it’s also known that Zangief has a weird hitbox. Some low attacks will mysteriously whiff against him at times.


I think I know a way to test this. There are ways to program input macros on PC … what program is normally used for this?


AutoHotkey or AutoIt. AutoIt seems more reliable to me but neither of them of frame perfect.


Basically that. There’s some wacky hit animations as well, it’s pretty awesome trying to figure out whether a cr.jab or a cr.short will link after Cammy’s close strong depending on character and stance if you want something easier than cr.forward.