Has anyone found a use for Chun's f+MK?



Aside from being a MARGINAL range improvement (at best) on her throw by using it to kara throw, I haven’t seen any use for this move.

The only time I can recall it doing anything useful for me was moving me forward beneath an Akuma’s air fireball and kicking him on the way down. Even then, that’s only ever happened once.

So is there some deeper use of this move that perhaps some of us, or most of us, just don’t understand?


It’s an okay poke move I guess, but since there is no real follow up to it, I rarely use it. I prefer to do b+MK and then finish through with her combo.


i was gonna ask the same thing… i tried stringing it into something but it doesn’t seem to work well…


It’s a nice move to use if you feel the situation is right for it. There are cleaner, safer moves to follow up with after a kiko such as st. strong, st. rh. and st. fierce. The forward version of MK is a standalone poke that doesn’t allow you to transition into anything else. B+MK is obviously better because with hit confirm, you can complete her TC.


I usually alternate this move with a forward dash to go for an aggressive EX Legs.


Like Ken’s step-kick, it makes cross-ups whiff if your opponent likes to jump over your pokes.

Unless you wanna follow-up with ex-legs, you’ll have to space it pretty close to do much with it, though.

It’s pretty safe on hit and block if you’re in range to jab/short after you connect. You can use it to create a baiting situation with uppercut chars.


Kara ex legs.




Buffer kicks from a forward dash or a far lk. Tada ^^ It gives amazing range to dash ex legs because you can walk a little bit and move still more forward with f. mk kara ex legs.



While dashing(lk, lk, lk,) as soon as dashing has finished-> f+mk xx lk+mk



I do… forward mp+mk forward mk~lk forward + mk~lk. At the end, the mk~lk should show up on your input display like you p-linked it.

Far lk is the same way except the lk counts as the first kick input instead of the focus.

You can have a short delay between the two sets of mk~lk where you’re walking forward, so you don’t necessarily need to commit to the ex legs if they’re backing off.